Monday, May 16, 2016

Where does the time go?

I really can not believe it's been a month since the earthquake! Mike reminded me, that almost two weeks of it was without power, so there's that, but wow...time flies! I'm sure the aid workers and organizers don't feel like time has flown, I bet they are down right exhausted. It seems like help came late, but I have to remember we (San Jacinto) are small time, the big cities had help within hours, I'm sure.

Tents set up in Charapoto a couple weeks ago. Medical aid, and maybe even lists for financial and food help. They had to "register" their needs somewhere.

Our President has been out and about, all over the devastation, I really did expect to see him in town.

I read the set structure for aid is $135 per month (6mo cap) to families who "foster" another family, or who rents to affected family for cheap. Also $15 per utility/service to the family who helps another.

$100 per month (3mo cap) to affected family for food. Not sure how they get paid, but I'm sure those who need it have all the info. Also not sure how long these tents will be available, maybe I can get our friends to translate.

And the distribution still goes on, what a wonderful face! In the last few days I've started painting signs for some of the people hit the hardest. Not sure if I'll make a sign for everyone I gave donation money to, but it's a goal. Someday everybody in town will have one of my painted driftwood signs...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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