Sunday, May 8, 2016

Day 10 and 11

For the last 10 days the refrigerator has been standing wide open (weird) and we flush the toilet by pouring a bucket of water down it. I get the mosquito coils going around 5 as do I get the candles ready, I've also been trying to get dinner started before it gets dark in the house, and needless to say we are in bed early, earlier than normal. We've been taking bucket showers, and of course washing dishes with a pitcher, thank goodness our cistern was full when the power went out, since without our electric powered pump, we don't get running water. I've been able to do laundry (always by hand) and that felt normal, but geez what I wouldn't do for a glass of something cold. (Remember I bought the last of the ice in town about a week ago)

When I went to town for bread and such, I saw that Jenny's had power! Not everything, but they had tapped in somehow, and I was able to take the speaker and the phone to be charged. So we had music with lunch, Mike was so pleased. 

On the "big Tv" we had The Wildlife Channel this morning, first we had the boys in the inner tube, then the bird showed up...then we had a huge pod of dolphins.

The Dolphins were all around these boys in the tube, one dolphin was on the shore side of them, they were loving it! Dolphins are shy and really don't pose for photos, but there must have been close to 50.

Mike went on a walk during low tide after lunch, and I was working on a craft project I'd finally gotten started. I heard some commotion behind me, and low and behold!!

WOOT WOOT!! I stopped what I was doing, turned my chair around, and watched The Lineman Channel, what a glorious sight! We had been hearing reports that other parts of town were getting power, so we were hopeful it would be soon, and yes it indeed would be soon!! 

So proud of ourselves for going 11 days/10 nights without power, I mean what can ya do? We could have left, but we are much better off right here. When I went to turn the kitchen light on to make dinner...I found the switch had been broken during the earthquake. The mirror must have swung from side to side so fiercely it broke the toggle switch. Wow, great! But what is one more dinner made by flashlight?

What a trip! I'm sure I've missed some things I had intended to tell y'all. I really should have written stuff down, but like I said, who knew the power would be out for so long?! Now that I have internet I can see all the news, you guys probably knew more than we did. 

Now, with power life can get back to some normal, the fishermen will start to go out as they once did, and the restaurants in town can get back to feeding people. I don't think the vendors are coming to the little stores regular yet, as there are some "shortages", Packaged crackers, cookies, chips that kind of thing. All in all, things are good, and stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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