Monday, May 9, 2016

What happened Last week

Tuesday afternoon the power was restored! We got to close the fridge door, and make ice cubes! Sleep with the fan, Awww! Watch the real Tv, of course now more than ever we realize it is truly "the idiot box". We started the GoFundMe account, and have been collecting very well, which is good because everyday more damage surfaces in our little town. 

This building has changed several times in the past week...salvaging roofing and other things

And now today...

It housed a mildly retarded young man, another single man had his business in here, not sure if he lived there as well, and another man lived upstairs. The man with the business Pinero, moved his storage/business things to the storefront where Nexar the bread man used to be. But not sure what's happened to the rest.

Another building was ordered to come down, and damaged some of Ali's place. Ali lives and has a restaurant, and his personal space was damaged. The building that came down housed a hamburger place, and a small family lived upstairs. Fishermen also repaired nets downstairs in an empty area. I don't know where they all went either, Joffre says Ecuadoreanos have other houses, meaning family ALWAYS takes you in.

Found this picture on Facebook, our favorite restaurant in San Clemente, the family lived behind the restaurant, and another family lived up top I believe. It was a VERY old building, but very sad none the less.

This building behind Joffres moms, and across from the bank was damaged enough it needed to come down. Damaging more of Joffres moms place in the process. Worker in the forefront is repairing the bank.

And, Marcos was finally coming down...

Our power had gone out, so we walked into town to see what was going on. We were standing here with this group of people in front of Joffres, and when the building (Marcos) started coming down, I decided I did NOT want to be standing under this large overhang. Not long into it, Mike and I decided we didn't want to see anymore, and went home.

And later when we came back...

But, I did see a welcome sight, and didn't have to cook dinner!! Gorditos is back!! We got a whole chicken, I shared the legs and some meat with Jose, gave him the salad and all the patacones. Even made a plate for Vecino, not a bad way to stimulate the economy, $12 helped several.

Another week down, much has happened, and still much stays the same. We gave Edison $100 and that very afternoon they started demolition. I'm still trying to get Jose some help, but I can't want it more than he does. He wants a new stove, I say, you can't have a new stove until you have a room to put it in...his place still looks like this!

So, stay tuned...the adventure continues!

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