Friday, May 13, 2016

Around town

After my post yesterday, I went into town to buy stuff for lunch, but also to see if I could give out some more donation money. I walked the "back way" to Ali's and ran across an interesting art piece.

He has damage to both sides of his building, the restaurant part has a down wall, and his home area is completely gone. I will try to track him down again this morning, as he wasn't around yesterday. He was one who organized the food boxes and I'm sure is out helping someone, as his own domicile/business sits in disrepair.

As I was taking pictures of Ali's damage, the neighbors across the street hollered at me, they pointed me upstairs to see their damage. Their wall fell into the next building, and not only do they now have much breeze, but they can see into the disco next door! That'll make for some late nights...

I'll have to go back and get a better picture. After I came down from taking the picture of the down wall, I gave her $50 and told her it was from our friends and family in the States, to help our community, and of course she welled up, and praised me. I gave her a hug, and told her I loved Ecuador, and San Jacinto, we were familia.

So I continued walking, heading over to our friend Jose's house, to see what progress had been made, and I turned the corner to see this!

Jose had said something about a new tarp, this must have been what he meant...

These guys had folding cots in one truck, thin mattresses in another, the orange trash cans and another truck had big boxes. They opened the boxes and started putting what looked like toiletry kits and maybe mosquito nets or sheets into the orange cans. I'm thinking each tent gets an orange can. While I was standing here watching, Father Fishermen came up, said he was now sleeping in one of these. His house is still not being lived in, not because there is damage, but Laureno's house next door is precariously leaning. So, to be safe, they are staying with the sister-in-law, and now sleeping in the tent.

I moved on, as I was standing out in the blazing sun, and found Jose's house had some clean up. Now I need to get our friend Al and Oscar to translate, and find out how we can best help him. Not sure buying a new stove will fix this...also need to find out more about the aid situation, I'm fairly sure President Correa isn't going to let these people be homeless in tents forever.

Back towards town, another building is being brought down. The top floor walls were failing, will just have to watch the progress. Last week it looked like this, 

Stopped at Joffres, he took me inside the downstairs apartment to see the damage.

And from the outside

On a positive note, Marco Delgado is rebuilding his restaurant.

And Pepitos daughter and boyfriend are paying to upgrade his techo. Used to be thatched, now you can see the red roof over his indoor dinner seating.

And the monument is still being worked on...

Tho all this destruction is sad, the consensus is it will all be better in the end. Our townspeople have proven to be top notch, appreciative and keep a positive attitude. Yes, it will be better, so stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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