Saturday, May 28, 2016

Commotion on the beach

Last week sometime, I was on the patio when people started making their way down to the water. I noticed the fishermen working their nets had stopped and were looking out to sea. Finally I needed to go see, something was going on in front of the white house and I just couldn't see it from the patio. I got around the rocks and ...

This huge ship brought down its drawbridge, and we could see hundreds of gallons of water.

I went back to the house got the camera and Mike and re-joined the growing crowd.

Never did really see anybody get anything, but I'm sure they gave it out. When it finally left, a couple of the smaller boats helped it, tug style, and it spent most of the night just off shore. Mike said he woke up near 3am and it was all lit up, not too long later, he said it had moved on.

I expected to hear something about it on Facebook (where I get most of my news) but I never saw anything. But I do know from Joffre, the people who need help are able to request it, and eventually get it, so the ones who needed the water, I believe got the water. Joffre said yesterday anybody who lost their house will get a Munavi house built, they cost usually $5000usd.  Edison hoped it would only be 2 months before he can get his "new house". In the meantime, they are making the best of it. (he gave me more shrimp yesterday, saw me at the fruit truck, and tracked me down, I told him not necessary, and he smiled and said he knew, I shared them with Jenny)

Facebook reminds me that  tomorrow is the day two years ago we arrived in Ecuador...broken ankle, four HUGE suitcases, two chihuahuas, crutches, wheelchair...yikes! Many ups and downs and more than a few good shakings, but I'm happy to report we have found our groove and love our decision more everyday!

Thanks for joining us on this adventure, two years in...stay tuned! The adventure continues!

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