Monday, May 2, 2016

Day three, Raising the Roof (fishermen style)

Well, I think the ones who have moved their beds outdoors actually have the right idea, without our fan it is freakin hot and stuffy at night! We will go to bed with wet bandanas tonight, and get some relief. After making instant coffee and wandering in circles for an hour, I decide to go see if maybe, just maybe Nexar the bread man is working...and he was! Oh happy day, warm fresh bread!! It truly is the little things!

He lives in Charapoto and did have quite a bit of damage, said he slept in the street as well. He said he can't do anything at home, so he might as well work, and we appreciate it! He is another family I would like to help rebuild. Maybe $200 could fix his down walls. Anyway, as I'm on my way home with hot bread, Junior is out front, and says "techo?" And I said sure! I got Mike, and he got about five other fishermen and it was on!

Junior, Marcelo and some others I don't know names, scampered up under, someone brought rope, and lassoed the posts, secured them to Vecinos house (not sure I would have done that, haha) much yelling, everybody had an idea, more rope, more men. Laureno, Ramon, his son, Patricio, Bernie...

They found bamboo and wood laying around the beach, and made quick work of shoring up the roof. 

After the roof was up, team 2 took over and started fixing the gate, asked Mike for mollies, and continued to stay and make it better than it ways, even tho Mike said he could do that later.

I passed the bag of warm bread around, got some water and thanked all profusely. They disappeared almost as quickly as they had arrived, amazing! We sat on the couch under our better than before roof, and smiled. It got me thinking, and I decided I could go to Jenny's and maybe the other stores and help put things back on shelves, so I did.

I spent about 2 hours in Jenny's, Mike came for the second half, and we made quick work. Of course Jenny, Campos and the boys had been slowly putting it all back together, but there was a lot to do. She so much appreciated the help, and I was glad to have something to do. Next I went over to Mama the beer and wine lady, but her old tenant Carol had the same idea, and already helped her get cleaned up. Joffre was closed, so we couldn't help him, but we would ask. So we walked down the Malecon and photographed more damage.

Laurita's getting shored up, not sure what will be the outcome...

This was a scary old hotel, that people had actually been complaining about. The next day it was a pile of rubble that people were scavenging from.

Im surprised there weren't more of these vacation homes down, most looked so neglected. 

This one was a brand new build, like not even lived in yet! The rumor is it had sold, but...I'll be listening for more of the story. One of our neighbors said "look in the rubble and you'll see what the house was built with" and true, no rebar in the pile...yikes

That about does it for day three. The fishermen were going out shrimping today, and our dinner will be fresh shrimp po-boy sandwiches. Luckily we aren't very hungry, because cooking, while isn't hard on gas, without the fridge, my supply is limited, and brain is frazzled. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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