Tuesday, September 12, 2017

New chapter

There were many reasons I decided I needed to move, one being the noise of El Centro, and the other my need for privacy. Not only do all the children I have been friendly to come and visit on a daily basis, but my friends and neighbors all want to know about the status of Mike and my seperation. I needed to start fresh.

The "single ladies" living in San Clemente in the El Norte neighborhood, said there was a cute place for rent, I should look at. I saw instant potential, and now moving day has come and gone and I am getting settled. First is sooooo quiet!

Downstairs, on the main floor, is kitchen, dining, and big space I will use for hairstyling and my crafts. No pictures yet, still a work in progress. But upstairs is my living space. Very large balcony that has almost constant breeze and I can hear the ocean.

And facing the other in true Ecuadorean fashion, this apartment was fitted with five beds, so I brought two outside for couches.

Beautiful wood walls in the bedroom, really show off the collection of white shell art.

And finally hung the mosquito net we purchased last January...

Guest bedroom and two bathrooms, one upstairs, and one down. Power and water is included, unless I use too much, but I dont, so for $200 not too shabby. It IS a trek from town (still less than a mile) but a little tienda is two streets away. And trucks drive down everyday selling something, I bought oranges, pineapple and papaya from a truck yesterday ($3).

Perry is doing fine, he is happy where ever I am...meeting his new neighbors, and checking it all out.

I need some plants, and put a plea on Facebook, so will have some hand me downs here soon. More hair cutting clients this end of town, and have my first cut this morning. Projects in the works, making myself a sign, I decided to name it The Artist Barn, in spanish of course. (It kinda looks like a barn from outside) Painting furniture, I recently bought from Javier four chairs and an end table, and need to get the sewing machine out to make pillow covers for these new couches. So...Stay tuned, the adventure continues!