Saturday, June 25, 2016

A week to remember

Wow what a week! We've been waiting for Vecinos house to come down. He's been working on it a little bit at a time. He had 2-3 helpers Monday, and Tuesday dismantling the old house. Wednesday he had one helper, and they started building a platform in the corner.

I moved all the patio furniture, plants and decorations, so when the machine came, we'd be ready...but no machine ever came.

Then dismantle stopped, and rebuild started. Vecino (recently learned his name is Manata) had taken a palm tree out not too long ago, and this is where they are building his new raised floor house. The raised floor, also gives them somewhere to store the lumber they took off the old house.

Maybe after he gets the new structure built, and can move his things, the machine will come and tear down the earthquake damage. 

Also this week, we have been lake front property again.

The first day I didn't need to leave, the second day I just carried my shoes and got wet. I did that twice, then Manata made me a walkway thru his ruble and property.

After tear down of the old house, we'd like to talk about making a pathway to the street. As it turns out our only entrance and exit is sometimes not easily accessible. But! The boys of the neighborhood have thouroughly enjoyed the lake! Many many hours of fun has been had out front!

This was morning shift, these guys have been here before, but this time they had real boats. Upon further inspection they appear to be cardboard covered in fiberglass, maybe a thin wood, but very light weight. They had nets with buoys and floating flags, the whole nine yards. 

These boys came later, they didn't have boats, but use what they could. Surfing on a plank, and using the boat roller as a raft. Two sets of brothers, so we need four boats for these kids.

He was having such a great time! Somewhere along the way lost his pants, that actually happens often! I've never seen so many men and boys in their underwear!

His boat was a painted chunk of wood, with net being trailed behind. 

The evening shift had a shrimp boat! It was a good first attempt, but had some weight issues, and would sink if not held on to. The boys loved it none the less, and the big fishermen enjoyed watching them too.

Even a couple of dogs enjoyed the lake!

I will keep taking pictures of Manata's progress, but one more story...Mike dislocated his shoulder yesterday morning. An old injury he has been careful of our entire married life, then yesterday while stretching, pop! I looked on YouTube but could not get it, so we just headed to town. As we walked thru Vecinos yard, we asked for help, they didn't seem to want to jump in, so we kept walking. Around the corner we saw women who said they would be our companion to the doctor. Great, but we need a car. We spotted Chino, a fishermen who has helped us before, and has a truck, he was on a quest from his wife to Jenny's for groceries. While he was inside, he told Campos, Jenny's husband our need. Within minutes we had at least three vehicles, and numerous companions, ready to take us to Charapoto.

Jenny ended up taking us, and called her son Xavier to translate, but we really didn't need him, we all knew what the problem was. Joffre also jumped in the truck with us. We went to a sports medicine office, and when I say office...we actually were in a carport, as some of this building was being repaired from earthquake. It took three men, some time, some muscle relaxant, and warm compresses to get his shoulder back in place, but oh once it was...sweet relief! $17 and a couple hours, glad that's over! He feels a little beat up today, and he pretty much was, those guys weren't gentle.

What a way to end the month. Can't believe June is almost over! The summer solstice came and went, and that means the sun will start moving back our direction. We do enjoy cooler weather, it's only been in the high 70's. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Where has the GoFundMe money gone?

I recieved this comment last night, and I guess it needs to be addressed. Copy and pasted from the email...

So no mention of what the money on the go fund me is being spent on? You seem to get a bunch of free meals from all these people who are poorer than you. 

It's true I have not spent much time on this blog talking about where the money has gone, honestly we can't see where it's gone, except for Nexar and Jose. Right now the people who lost everything are waiting for government assistance, and maybe the money given is being saved to repurchase things lost. 

Jose purchased a new stove, and was able to extend cable for power, also said he needed to purchase dishes. I've given out $1380, there are no strings attached. I don't need to know what they've purchased, as long as it was helpful, is all I care about.

The Ecuadorean people are very proud, most would not ask us for help, and when they receive it they want to repay in any way they can. In this case it's been with lunch. We tell our friends lunch is not necessary, but of course if you protest too much, they think you rude. We have learned in the two years we've lived here, to just politely accept.

I don't know what else to say, my heart breaks with my neighbors who are living amongst ruble, if I could rebuild their houses yesterday, I would. All I can do is a small bit, and believe me, every little bit helps. Just ask Nexar, Jose, Joffre, Edison, Jenny, Bravo Family, RomeroFamily, Murillo Family, Mama, Marlena, Ali, the Family across from Ali, and the little vegetable selling girl from Charapoto.

So, stay tuned...the adventure continues

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Day with Nexar

We have really become good friends with Nexar the bread man, he is one who is easy to talk to, and listens when we try to speak. He has been giving me updates on his rebuilding, and wanted to show us, so he asked if we would want to go to his house for a meal, and we said "of course!" He lives out near Charapoto, and said he would take us in his little motto-car, fun!

We decided on Saturday, but as far as time, all he could say was when he sold out of bread, he'd come get us. So, I was sitting outside cleaning my newest gift from Alfred, when he showed up.

We cleaned up our messes, and hopped in the rig. We really enjoyed the ride, you can see so much more than when you're in a bus. So many of the buses have decals all over the windows, the views were amazing. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the scenery out here by the rice fields.

He had told me he lost two walls, but there has been some major improvements. Like most who lost things in the earthquake, the rebuild is better than the before. They made a new toilet area, and were able to enlarge the living room, since the wall was down...I didn't take any pictures, as the new walls were just smoothed concrete, but it's better, and the family is appreciative.

Nexar is married with two daughters, each of whom have one child living with them. Nexar bought his land 18 years ago, and the first house was a tiny shack, now he's got room to invite his brother to live "next door."

Lunch was wonderful, too much food as usual, but always very tasty, Maria did well. After lunch we were telling Nexar how when we lived in Crucita there were fighting cocks across the street, and he smirked, got up all of a sudden...

He's had these since they were little chicks, and they were fiesty. 

He said this one was 7 years old. Looks like we can go to a cock fight sometime, that'll be an adventure!

On the way home, he toured us around, and we really enjoyed seeing the landscape 

We then headed out towards San Clemente, and all the way down to the Point.

The sign is bent from the earthquake, and we often see the surfer/life guards when we venture into SC.

We had a wonderful day. Nexar dropped us off at home, and we found a fishermen party out front. Marcelo, Father fishermen, Laureno, Kai and his brother, and Pinero our beer and water delivery guy all sitting around chatting drinking beer. We opened the door, said hello to the chihuahuas, grabbed a couple chairs and a couple beers, and joined the party. A very fun, fully Ecuadorean day, we sat and drank with the guys til it got cold at sunset. 

Today is my birthday, and luckily we didn't over do it last night, as we have another pool party this afternoon. Happy Father's Day to all, and stay tuned...the adventure continues!