Sunday, June 19, 2016

Day with Nexar

We have really become good friends with Nexar the bread man, he is one who is easy to talk to, and listens when we try to speak. He has been giving me updates on his rebuilding, and wanted to show us, so he asked if we would want to go to his house for a meal, and we said "of course!" He lives out near Charapoto, and said he would take us in his little motto-car, fun!

We decided on Saturday, but as far as time, all he could say was when he sold out of bread, he'd come get us. So, I was sitting outside cleaning my newest gift from Alfred, when he showed up.

We cleaned up our messes, and hopped in the rig. We really enjoyed the ride, you can see so much more than when you're in a bus. So many of the buses have decals all over the windows, the views were amazing. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the scenery out here by the rice fields.

He had told me he lost two walls, but there has been some major improvements. Like most who lost things in the earthquake, the rebuild is better than the before. They made a new toilet area, and were able to enlarge the living room, since the wall was down...I didn't take any pictures, as the new walls were just smoothed concrete, but it's better, and the family is appreciative.

Nexar is married with two daughters, each of whom have one child living with them. Nexar bought his land 18 years ago, and the first house was a tiny shack, now he's got room to invite his brother to live "next door."

Lunch was wonderful, too much food as usual, but always very tasty, Maria did well. After lunch we were telling Nexar how when we lived in Crucita there were fighting cocks across the street, and he smirked, got up all of a sudden...

He's had these since they were little chicks, and they were fiesty. 

He said this one was 7 years old. Looks like we can go to a cock fight sometime, that'll be an adventure!

On the way home, he toured us around, and we really enjoyed seeing the landscape 

We then headed out towards San Clemente, and all the way down to the Point.

The sign is bent from the earthquake, and we often see the surfer/life guards when we venture into SC.

We had a wonderful day. Nexar dropped us off at home, and we found a fishermen party out front. Marcelo, Father fishermen, Laureno, Kai and his brother, and Pinero our beer and water delivery guy all sitting around chatting drinking beer. We opened the door, said hello to the chihuahuas, grabbed a couple chairs and a couple beers, and joined the party. A very fun, fully Ecuadorean day, we sat and drank with the guys til it got cold at sunset. 

Today is my birthday, and luckily we didn't over do it last night, as we have another pool party this afternoon. Happy Father's Day to all, and stay tuned...the adventure continues!


  1. So no mention of what the money on the go fund me is being spent on? You seem to get a bunch of free meals from all these people who are poorer than you.

  2. A whole post, just for you...maybe it should be your last