Monday, June 6, 2016


I realized the other day as we sat on the patio, listening to the fishermen talk amongst themselves, that I recognize many of their voices. I then realized I probably see and hear them more than their wives do! (Of course I still don't understand much, but from their laughing, I know they're having fun.)

Nexar, not Nexar the bread man, but Nexar the Captain of El Chino boat. His two sons work with him, but this is Christopher, our "chaperone" last year on the shrimp boat, and Father Fishermen's Godson. He is a wonderful young man, ALWAYS around to help, no matter what boat, he is willing to help.

On this day, Junior was decorating his New boat, now he has two. A little help and supervision from Nexars two boys, and Chino and Junior's son Francis also oversee.

Now Junior has two boats, he has double the earning power, but also may have to go out more, whereas Nexar only has to go out if one of his boys can't get a substitute crewman.

Junior, and what might be his grandfather doing nets. This little guy is out here willing to help everyday too. Sometimes just checking things out, but often jumping in and helping.

One of my personal favorites, Raphael. He has a scrap of netting, that he is using along with sand and water to clean the algae off the boat. He is the uncle of our friend Fernando Romero.

Often it's crazy busy out front, then all of a sudden...

Quiet, everybody's gone. It usually means it's lunch time.

Alfred's new paint job.(several months old now) Ramon asked if I could paint on his boat, and I'll certainly give it a try, but do we need two shark boats in the same cove?

We so enjoy the fishermen being right outside, we know they add to our safety. Nobody is going to wade thru them to get to us, it's an added layer of protection. Some say they are simple people with out much drive, but I like what our friend Jorge said the other day when I asked how the catch was..."basante" Enough. If more people would be happy with "enough" the world just may be a better place. 

Low tide, time for a walk. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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