Saturday, June 11, 2016

Starfish, ships and sharks

This post is brought to you by the letter S. Yesterday turned cloudy after lunch so we went inside to catch up on some tv, usually if someone comes to the fence the dogs will alert us. They must have been napping, because later when I was making dinner I saw a pile of something just inside our gate. It took me a minute to focus on the pile, and when I did, I yelled at Mike to come look. I couldn't believe my eyes!

Fishermen had found these massive starfish in their nets, and instead of throwing them away, or back in the ocean, they left them for us.

By the time I saw them, all the fishermen had gone home, so I don't know who left them, but I'll ask around. They'll stink for a while, but such a score! Sure glad they know to leave them for us!

I've been painting almost everyday and trying my hand at new things. I decided to try a pirate ship, as usual the first attempt isnt always the best. Mike thought that one of our fishermen boys would love it, so I personalized it. When I presented it to Junior, for his son, he looked quizzical... I had written Francis, but after getting a pen and paper found out the boys name is Ramsses, oops.

A little more paint, and voila! Problem solved, and a bonus gecko photobomb! I gave it to Ramsses, and he got all shy and awkward, I guess that means he liked it.

I've also been working on things to give at Christmas, because it'll be here before we all know it! I've got two of these done, and need maybe six more, and that's just for the boys!

I've also got some girlie ones planned.

You never know what we will get over the fence, or what I'll come up with stay tuned! The adventure continues!

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