Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Where has the GoFundMe money gone?

I recieved this comment last night, and I guess it needs to be addressed. Copy and pasted from the email...

So no mention of what the money on the go fund me is being spent on? You seem to get a bunch of free meals from all these people who are poorer than you. 

It's true I have not spent much time on this blog talking about where the money has gone, honestly we can't see where it's gone, except for Nexar and Jose. Right now the people who lost everything are waiting for government assistance, and maybe the money given is being saved to repurchase things lost. 

Jose purchased a new stove, and was able to extend cable for power, also said he needed to purchase dishes. I've given out $1380, there are no strings attached. I don't need to know what they've purchased, as long as it was helpful, is all I care about.

The Ecuadorean people are very proud, most would not ask us for help, and when they receive it they want to repay in any way they can. In this case it's been with lunch. We tell our friends lunch is not necessary, but of course if you protest too much, they think you rude. We have learned in the two years we've lived here, to just politely accept.

I don't know what else to say, my heart breaks with my neighbors who are living amongst ruble, if I could rebuild their houses yesterday, I would. All I can do is a small bit, and believe me, every little bit helps. Just ask Nexar, Jose, Joffre, Edison, Jenny, Bravo Family, RomeroFamily, Murillo Family, Mama, Marlena, Ali, the Family across from Ali, and the little vegetable selling girl from Charapoto.

So, stay tuned...the adventure continues


  1. Paige and Mike. A great job on distributing some help to the people of San Jacinto. You are so kind.

    1. Thank you, obviously this person didn't donate, otherwise they would receive the GoFundMe updates. Oh well, you can't please all the people all the time.