Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cottages by the SEA

Last year I did a write up on Casa WF, a guest house down at the Boca, or mouth of the river, run by Americans Marty and Jim. Now it's time to highlight another wonderful place in the other direction, San Alejo. The Cottages by the Sea are beautifully renovated one and two bedroom cottages, run by Kimberly and Chris. They turned what used to be a very run down property into an oceanfront garden paradise!

One of the earliest photos I could find, even this was a huge improvement over what Chris and Kim purchased.

November 2015 digging the pool.

And the pool was completed on time for Chris's first ever birthday party, Dec 25, 2015.

Landscape going in, I warned Kimberly about being so close to the ocean, but the plants proved me wrong, and are doing fantastic.

They could not have done all this without wonderful volunteers. They put the word out, and for room and board they got many very helpful workers. A wonderful couple from Mexico stayed longer than planned, and really helped with the landscape, and painted wonderful murals and the sign.

Another couple from the States did another mural.

Why dogs? 

Kimberly never met a dog she didn't like...street dog rescue is another passion.

They had their first guests in January, and decided after some feedback they should add AC, so when a lull in occupancy came, they added AC to all the Cottages. No other place in the area is as well equipped, very centrally located. Easy walk to shops and restaurants, and of course the beach! It's also on the bus route, if you want to jump on the bus for .50 cents.

Hot water (what's that?) and recently added washer and dryer in the outdoor common area. Bicycles for rent, by the hour or the day. Outdoor kitchen and grilling area, and of course the pool!

Plenty of shade structures, but just enough full sun for the sun lovers.

Checkout that landscape! This picture from last weekend, when we went for a BBQ and pool day.
You can also see they added thatch awnings, to help combat the sun in the Cottages. They really have thought of everything. It is top notch! And so wonderful to have another option for visiting guests. Pet friendly, obviously, but no children, so you don't have to worry about being splashed, or it being loud. Of course, us adults have been known to splash, and get loud a time or two...

Such great friends, good times and wonderful memories. Come join us, look up Cottages by the Sea on Facebook, and book your vacation! And stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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