Saturday, May 28, 2016

Commotion on the beach

Last week sometime, I was on the patio when people started making their way down to the water. I noticed the fishermen working their nets had stopped and were looking out to sea. Finally I needed to go see, something was going on in front of the white house and I just couldn't see it from the patio. I got around the rocks and ...

This huge ship brought down its drawbridge, and we could see hundreds of gallons of water.

I went back to the house got the camera and Mike and re-joined the growing crowd.

Never did really see anybody get anything, but I'm sure they gave it out. When it finally left, a couple of the smaller boats helped it, tug style, and it spent most of the night just off shore. Mike said he woke up near 3am and it was all lit up, not too long later, he said it had moved on.

I expected to hear something about it on Facebook (where I get most of my news) but I never saw anything. But I do know from Joffre, the people who need help are able to request it, and eventually get it, so the ones who needed the water, I believe got the water. Joffre said yesterday anybody who lost their house will get a Munavi house built, they cost usually $5000usd.  Edison hoped it would only be 2 months before he can get his "new house". In the meantime, they are making the best of it. (he gave me more shrimp yesterday, saw me at the fruit truck, and tracked me down, I told him not necessary, and he smiled and said he knew, I shared them with Jenny)

Facebook reminds me that  tomorrow is the day two years ago we arrived in Ecuador...broken ankle, four HUGE suitcases, two chihuahuas, crutches, wheelchair...yikes! Many ups and downs and more than a few good shakings, but I'm happy to report we have found our groove and love our decision more everyday!

Thanks for joining us on this adventure, two years in...stay tuned! The adventure continues!

Friday, May 27, 2016

New life

One of the things we enjoy so much about Ecuador, and I'm sure all of Latin/South America is the simpleness of life. We were both raised to be mindful of money and hunt for bargains, recycle or reuse, and know the difference between a Want and a Need. 

When we went into town the other day we saw something new.

I later saw on Facebook this was done by a team of muralists who are traveling the coast beautifying damaged areas. Yo gusta!

Recently I pulled out the sewing machine and practiced making a small purse, I used recycled denim from an old pair of jeans and scrap fabric.

Upon closer inspection, I need to work on straight lines, but for the difficulty of the two fabrics together, I'm not unimpressed with the outcome. (The one I did a couple days later for Domenica, was lined and had straight lines)

I was given these Men's madras patchwork cargo shorts, they were a little too wild to wear, so I thought I'd cut them up and make a sundress. Because of the cargo pockets, there really wasn't a whole lot of fabric, certainly not enough to make a dress. I decided to first start with...yet another purse. The pockets just begged for it, I mean they were already made! Out came another pair of recycled jeans, and the pant leg worked perfect. I cut off the waist band of the shorts, and used it as the strap, I will add Velcro to the outside pocket flap, and voila! New purse out of cast off clothing.

A chunk of Vecinos house, I'm going to make into a table, and a broken water jug used to plant new cactus.

This from our Canadian friend Glenn, he is a wonderful photographer and captures some great images. This one fits right in, with today's subject...New life.

And new life in Charapoto the other day. 

Another week has drained away, today is Fruit truck, wow! Time really does fly when you're having fun...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Veronica's new dress out of leftover pillow fabric.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Charapoto and Bahia

We made our first trek out of San Jacinto since the earthquake, we went to Charapoto on the bus. We didn't see much damage from the moving bus, and asked our favorite store owners how they fared, and all did good. I did see these photos on Facebook, but know that most of Charapoto fared well.

Talking with Joffre the other morning while waiting for the bus, he said the aid is there for people who need it, but they are collecting names and cedula numbers, so as to be fair to all. He said people were changing their shirts and trying to get back in line, but the officials asked for ID, and are trying very hard to make sure everyone gets their share of help. He also said those blues tents (and the one above I'm sure) are permanently owned by the recipient now, they don't have to return them.

Another of our favorite places is Bahia, and it on the other hand did NOT fare well, we won't go there for some time, but these photos I found on Facebook. This is of the market area, the building is not in good shape, but the vendors have set up outside...gotta make a living. 

At first it looks like business as normal, but then you see the pile of rubble behind him.

Big cracks in the building behind him.

But, as always a big thumbs up, making the best of it. Love them! (That's peanut butter in the bags)

I miss Bahia, we used to go once every couple months, but it would be sad to see the destruction, so we will wait as long as possible. On the other hand, the trip to Charapoto was nice, and I'm glad we don't have to go anywhere if we don't want to. Today I'll do my shopping in town, do a beach walk, and either paint or play with my new fabric, so stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Belated Birthday Celebration

Our adoptive family, The Romero's had to put Domenica's birthday celebration on hold because of the earthquake. Her real birthday is April 20th, but we celebrated yesterday, with a large turn out.

This was at the end of photos, and she was ready for cake! Our fishermen friend Fernando, and his sister Vivianna, Domenica's mother, you've seen before what a ham Domenica is, today was no different. The spread was quite impressive, as in true Ecuadorean style we were told 3pm, but showed up at 4 and the festivities were only getting started. 

Our little friends, The Urchins were there, and at first were shy...but later

They couldn't stay away! For being so bad, they sure are cute! The older one we learned is David, still can't understand the little ones name, starts with an M...he is the real demon, David can be really good and helpful when the little one isn't around.

We were fed tuna sandwiches, then popcorn, then jello, Domenica's dad is Police Captain, and when he got off duty, he came home with beers. The kids played some games, then a piƱata of sorts was brought out, and the kids went crazy for candy and confetti.

The confetti was the hit for the rest of the party! Dinner was served (in styrofoam to go boxes) and the ladies started leaving, most taking their dinners with them. We stayed, shared some beers with the immediate family, ate our dinner and took our piece of cake home. Such a party! I'd say there were twenty mothers with at least one child each, some had three, maybe five men, we saw three nursing mothers and a couple of dogs. Of course our ladies, Lola, Melissa and Vivianna were mostly in the kitchen, poor things, but as always the food was delicious and the hospitality overflowing!

Sweet girls wanted to know what country I was from, and my name. Glad we were invited and went, we were invited Friday for the party on Saturday, so I had to hightail it into gear and make a present. I decided on a small patchwork purse, but forgot to take a picture, maybe Vi will post on Facebook, or I can stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Mike's Art

For some time Mike has wondered about the clay we find on the beach, wondering if anyone had ever sculpted from it. While we were charging our cellphone one night with a neighbors generator (during TerreMOTO), we found someone who had indeed done things with the beach clay. He said he baked it in his bread oven, and has had much experience with it, so Mike got excited and the next day got to it.

His first creations. Turns out he did sculpting back in high school art class, and has a real apptitude for it. What he didn't remember, he looked up online and now has a wealth of information on the subject.

Gathering up "tools". He will let his creations dry for some time and then either take them to the bread oven, or more probable...he will have his own kiln (He's already online reading up on it).  Then his creations will be painted, some of them he says he will give to me to paint, that'll be fun.

Another walk on the beach, and more clay to be gathered, so many treasures on the beach ( for free) we almost need to get a wheeled cart! Not a bad problem to have...(free art supplies)

So...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Today is our 19th wedding anniversary, we were woken up at 2:57 by a 6.8 earthquake. 

Such a long time ago. Our lives have been very blessed, by people we have known, people who have passed thru our lives, touched us... Our love has grown and developed over the years, spending ALL our time together, no one else I could do that with.

We are continually blessed by where we have chosen to live. This really is paradise for us. (Even with the numerous earthquakes)

What a wild ride! Boat trips, bus trips, earthquakes! Oh my!

Nineteen more years please, where do I sign up? So...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Where does the time go?

I really can not believe it's been a month since the earthquake! Mike reminded me, that almost two weeks of it was without power, so there's that, but wow...time flies! I'm sure the aid workers and organizers don't feel like time has flown, I bet they are down right exhausted. It seems like help came late, but I have to remember we (San Jacinto) are small time, the big cities had help within hours, I'm sure.

Tents set up in Charapoto a couple weeks ago. Medical aid, and maybe even lists for financial and food help. They had to "register" their needs somewhere.

Our President has been out and about, all over the devastation, I really did expect to see him in town.

I read the set structure for aid is $135 per month (6mo cap) to families who "foster" another family, or who rents to affected family for cheap. Also $15 per utility/service to the family who helps another.

$100 per month (3mo cap) to affected family for food. Not sure how they get paid, but I'm sure those who need it have all the info. Also not sure how long these tents will be available, maybe I can get our friends to translate.

And the distribution still goes on, what a wonderful face! In the last few days I've started painting signs for some of the people hit the hardest. Not sure if I'll make a sign for everyone I gave donation money to, but it's a goal. Someday everybody in town will have one of my painted driftwood signs...stay tuned, the adventure continues!