Thursday, May 12, 2016

Art in many forms

This post is going to be non earthquake related, well, kind of...

Back before the earthquake, I was invited to a baby shower, this is the gift I made. Hang above the crib, or in the babies room, I used nail polish to paint, and some of the flowers have glitter.  I also made little headbands, with the idea of more baby gifts as the little one gets bigger. (I had the idea to make a really cute bib, but do newborns really wear bibs?)

Also the day of the earthquake we bought this table from Vecino, liked his handiwork so well, we commissioned another.

Well it's a good thing we had him build another one, because Mike stole the little one for himself...

This is the new one, twice as big, and he used tongue and groove planks, plus this pretty wallpapered one we asked for. The little one was $15, so I had $40 budgeted for this one, he said "amigos" and asked for $15, we gave him $20 and had to fight him to keep the change. Next we will ask him to make shelf units, he likes to have projects.

Painting a sign for Nexar, will have to remember to take a picture next time I'm buying bread, because I forgot. Shadrach enjoying the ocean breezes. He had a little PTSD this day, and just needed to be close.

Works  in progress...

And a large wall piece I'm working on, now that I've got it hung, it needs to be bigger, so I'll add on. Maybe add some more shells and a starfish, stay tuned...

We were given  the sea fans from the fishermen, boy did they stink! They had to sit outside for weeks, but this one turned out great! Pictures just don't do justice, this is one instance. Another is sunsets...

It's pretty in pictures, but nothing compares to the real thing! Now that North America is moving into summer, we have lost our sun. It now sets behind the house, and to see it hit the horizon we will have to take chairs to the sand, but we will when low tide allows. (New word, Bajamar=low tide, pleamar= high tide, thanks to the newspaper we got during the terremoto)

Sometimes, the best color isn't in front of us. 

Speaking of color, Another set of new pillowcases, thanks to our friend Becky, she's the one I made the Salty kisses sign for. (Don't worry Mom, I'll make you one!)

Well, as I finish writing this there is noise going on next door, the owners came yesterday and started doing some demo. I'm glad they are able to work on it, they enjoy using it so much. Guess that's all for today, hope you enjoyed a "lighter" post. Not a single picture of rubble! Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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