Saturday, May 14, 2016

New readers

Thought since I might be getting some new readers maybe I should recap our story, two years of blog may be daunting.

Back in 2004 friends of ours came to Ecuador on a church missions trip, when they returned and told us how wonderful a country it was, we started researching. In 2006 we sold our house in Idaho, made quite a bit of cash and bought a couple houses in North Carolina. We lived in North Carolina cheaply and more simply than we had when we first married, and discussed moving out of country some day. In 2013 when Obamacare started, our five year plan (exit strategy) became accelerated, as we were for all intents and purposes self employed with no insurance. Being forced to pay for insurance, while "economical" thru Obamacare, our cost of living would dramatically increase, this was not what we work MORE, for less? No thanks, so we put both houses for rent, and left. That was almost two years ago, and we've never looked back!

We have whole heartedly fallen in love with Ecuador, while doing my research for 8 years, I found the climate was perfect here on the coast. The water is warm, 74 degrees, and the air fluctuates between 65-85 hovering most days around the 79 mark. Though we are on the coast, it is the Pacific coast, and therefor not humid like the Atlantic or Carribean. Barely any bugs, at least not big scary ones. 

The food and people have turned out to be the BEST, fresh seafood anytime we want, sometimes right over the fence. The fishermen park the boats out front of the house, and give us gifts often, of course we give them gifts too. Cold water, snacks, fruit and plastic bags. At first it was a way to recycle my shopping bags, but now they enjoy the supply so much I buy bags to hand out. (They use them to divy up the haul to the helpers)

Yesterday's surprise, a bag full of crabs! They are a lot of work, but I made quick time of it while watching tv. Enough to share with the neighbor, but he wasn't home, so we will have a nice seafood salad for lunch today. Day before yesterday we also had a wonderful gift...

"Lobster"! Langostinos, is what they are called, and while they aren't a great deal to buy by the pound, free over the fence is awesome!! Out of this huge monster, only the tail has meat, so we got maybe four or five bites from the big one (maybe six), but they sure were yummy! (Muy Rico)

We love the people, they are so friendly and warm. Often downright cuddly, especially when drinking, such good attitudes. We have fit right in, living simply, without hot water or AC, buying all my food in town, not going to the large city for the American style supermarket. Two years in, and we have found our groove, we are beach bum/artisans. Loving our life and our neighbors, trying to help anyway we can. The GoFundMe has brought great relief for some of our townspeople, thank you to all those of you who have donated, and shared the cause.

Time to head into town for fresh hot bread, Stay tuned...the adventure continues!

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