Saturday, May 7, 2016

Day 8 and 9

Today is Sunday, we keep thinking power will be on anyday, but no. Our days are pretty boring, we take our instant coffee to the couch, and watch what we are now calling our 120" Tv. We sit out here all day, until after dark, then go inside to bed. Not so bad...

We've dubbed it The Fishermen Channel, sometimes it's repeats, but always worth watching. Mike has found a new love of reading, and is almost done with a James Patterson novel my mom brought last time she was here. We also dug out the old Readers Digest for some light reading. I still have some juice on my iPad and am reading a Sue Grafton. Should be crafting!

The fishermen have only been fishing for family and friends, since there is still no refridgeration, only one or two boats will go out. It's fun to see them teaming up, when usually they are separate teams. I made a sign and am putting water out for them. As time goes on, things are getting back to normal. Only Father Fishermen and Laureno are displaced, the rest of our fishermen had little to no damage.

When I went into town today, I saw some medical personnel doing house to house visits.

These people used to live around the corner, ocean front but their house must have been damaged. We don't know them, only waving as we pass, but I'm sure they could use some money to fix the house. They must move the mattresses so they can walk around the house during the day. Putting them outside in the sunshine probably "freshens" them too.

Ecuadorean Red Cross, haven't seen them doing any work here, but have seen a group of volunteers from Europe. They are staying here down the Boca with expat Christine, but mostly working in Bahia. 

Not sure who was in this helicopter, but they were checking on the food donations that went out the other day.

When I bought a newspaper Sunday the 22nd it said there were over 800 men working on the power lines, we can only hope that means power will be restored soon. It also said the death toll had risen to over 600, I can't help but think it would have been so much worse if it had been the middle of the night, not barely dusk. We are really tired of the aftershocks too, it wasn't until I got internet back that I would see there were days where we had12 aftershocks a day! 

I'll continue to do a day by day until we get power, then I'll get current. So, stay tuned, the adventure continues! 

Please think about donating to the GoFundMe, there's a link on the top right of the blog. We really need to get our wonderful town rebuilt, and back to normal. Thanks so much!!

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