Friday, May 6, 2016

Day 7

Well for a lot of reasons I can't believe it's been a week! Mike really wants music, and I really want something cold. We've not been real hungry, realized it was probably some Post traumatic stress. We have been having egg salad, or tuna salad for lunch and breakfast for dinner. Boy I sure would like a smoothie! 

This morning we got our food box, as we sat outside having instant coffee and Vecino came to clean up the rubble. Since he doesn't own the house next door, nothing has been done over there. I'm sure he was waiting for the owners to come see, and they did last eve. I saw someone upstairs getting the blender and something else. Not sure what will be done with the house, they sure use it a lot, so I'm hopeful it will be rebuilt.

We had picked up some plants to salvage, but it still looked like this when he started. He threw all the big stuff under the fallen floor, into his area. I tried to tell him to stack the bricks, but he may salvage some. 

At this point the sun was high and I told him I could sweep up the rest after it got shady.

Awww, that's better. Still had to put the trellis in front of the loose rubble, as it is Veronica's favorite place to explore. 

Later on this afternoon we went to The Cottages, they just bought a generator and said we could charge our phone and such. They were also making food bags, and needed hands. Kimberly had a vision to help, her heart was in the right place, it was just too overwhelming for such a small team. When she decided to give food, she had no idea so many people would show up, but really who doesn't want a little extra?

Because of the chaotic turn out, and subsequently the need for another day or so of making and giving food bags, Kimberly and teams earthquake experience was MUCH different than ours. We charged our phone, helped make bags, and high tailed it outta there, too much whirlwind for us. Next week, they will stop with food, and start giving supplies for rebuilding. Kimberly has a donation of large bamboo poles, to anyone who needs to shore up their house. Well done Kimberly! Your generosity  doesn't go unnoticed, good and bad...

On our walk home, we noticed some changes are going on around town. Mostly places that will be demolished are being scavenged. Anything that may be reused is being stripped and stored. This means roofing, cabinets, doors...

We've heard that Charapoto has power, and the main road where the cemetery is, so we are hopeful that anyday our power and Internet will be restored. We are getting used to sleeping without the fan, but it sure is weird to enter the house and see the refrigerator left standing wide open. That'll be a joke for some time. Think that's it for today, we do see Manta gaining more and more power, but we have been enjoying the stars and full moon. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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