Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Day four

Today was beach walk, we took our instant coffee and tried to feel normal. We didn't get very far, and realized we were not going to feel normal...the damage was everywhere. 

This place was abandoned, but that only means the rubble will sit this way, until it's all scavanged.

We have never seen anyone in this place either, they lost a large covered porch.

Check out the building in the background...

Above wasn't a house, it was a ramada for maybe a pop up restaurant. We made it down to the Boca, saw our friends houses were undamaged and headed for home. No shell collecting, no wood collecting, just a walk today. As we got closer to home, I suggested going thru the neighborhood, to see what we hadn't seen yet, but Mike didn't want to see anymore destruction, so I went alone.

This was a hotel, that was being added on to. Sure don't know how they will fix this!

Next is our friend Jose's house. He lost his kitchen and bathroom area, he said his house was 40 years old, wonder it fell, termite eaten wood in the debris. One of the people we want to help, first thing I tried to do was get Joffre to get someone for the demo, but nothing became of it.

Without a kitchen, he can't eat. And I know he doesn't have any money, he makes money from getting fish from the fishermen and then selling or trading it. We buy filleted fish from him every once in awhile, and shrimp but he charges $6, and I get it from Edison for $5. He either doesn't ask for help, or has burned bridges, don't know, but even if his stove was on the ground, he could cook.

This two story house is Romero family, the sister who is married to the policeman, they were adding on, poco y poco, and some of the debris fell onto the neighbors roof.

I headed into town, to see progress, and saw that some of Edison's family had moved into this building. Nice they don't have to take the mosquito nets down everyday.

From this picture you can see why Gorditos moved. They salvaged everything they could, roofing, etc and have secured them somewhere else. And across the street, work is being done to clear out the down parking structure/hotel.

They got his car out...and you can see the damage to Joffres moms roof above.

I ran into a Canadian Glenn who we know, and he told me his new accommodations had a generator running every night, so we went to charge our phone after dinner. I will have to do a post on CasaMar, as it looks very interesting, we met the owner Fernando, from Quito originally, who spoke excellent English. Spent a couple hours chatting, and learning about the area, and of course got the phone charged. I think this is when we finally got to post online that we were safe.

 Anyway, that about sums up day four, not much is happening, the fishermen aren't going out as normal, because there is no refrigeration, no ice to put the fish on. (Speaking of ice, I've just got the last of it in town from Jenny's own personal stash, no more cold beers) They are combining teams and only using one boat, fishing only for food, I highly doubt we will ever starve here! There is talk of need of aid, but even with the destruction of homes, and businesses...we don't see it. Our little fishing village seems...happy and that is a good thing. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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