Monday, May 29, 2017

What a difference three years make!

It was three years ago today we boarded a big iron bird for Quito, Ecuador, little did I know how much our lives would change. I never could have imagined we would lose all our wordly possessions, be in the midst of a terribly large 7.8 earthquake or that Mike and I would be ending our 20 year marriage.

I moved into another apartment about a month ago. Some of you may have noticed the photos recently are of a new place. This is my house, and the storefront for the new Furniture store. This "apartment " was originally built to be a restaurant.

Looking back towards entrance from kitchen.

And now after I moved in...

Furniture store area in front. Behind the yellow divider is my closet and living space.

My kitchen, and view from kitchen window. I sit here a lot, watching the waves, birds, fishermen. Ive seen dolphins, I missed the ocean, and knew I wanted to move back to it. This apartment at $150 including water and power, was just the ticket.

Making use of the "restaurant storage" for all my craft items.

And the work area, this is where you've seen pictures of kids painting.

The chihuahuas have stayed with Mike, and Perry is with me. We are literally living a block away from each other, such a small town...but we have been best friends for over 20 years, we can do it. Even tho I could never have forseen the unfortunate events of the past three years, I also wouldnt trade much of it. I am on the road to being the best, stress free, healthy self I can be, so bring it on! Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

New Boats

The other day as Perry and I went for our beach walk, I noticed many new paint jobs on the boats. I vowed I would go back later when the men weren't there, and get some close ups. After lunch we went back, and snapped some photos.

I noticed a couple of the boats have this fish charachter, not sure if he is just popular, or if means the boats belong to the same family.

Batman? And then this is one of Junior's boats, is that the Puma logo?

I knew at lunchtime the men wouldn't be here, but I didnt realize tide was coming in, so I couldn't continue down the cove. The boat with the foam mattress was recently painted, it used to be very dirty with algae.

And then some in action, as I took them from the point the other evening. I do love to watch them come and go. Realized moving to the apartment next to the Panederia how much I loved the ocean.

What beautiful blue sky and gorgeous water...why would I want to live anywhere else? So stay tuned...the adventure continues!

Monday, May 22, 2017

It's been a while

I realized the other day it has been awhile since my last post. Here are some things that have been going on. The river is still spewing forth all sorts of flotsam and jetsam, pictures taken infront of the old beach house.

Tide must have been high, since all the boats are sqwished in at the end of the road. And look at those sloppy frigates! So beautiful in the air, but...

The other night I turned on the light on the patio, and found this guy hiding inside.

And yesterday, town had many kids playing in the sunshine, with a kite (cometa) and marbles (bolitas), hide and seek is also a favorite

And later...

I definitely need to find some boards just for them, as they can really dwindle one's stash! I may also need to make a childs paint kit, as they arent great about washing brushes between colors. Oh well, paint is cheap!

so, even tho I have not written, y'all know life goes on. Always something in the works, another project to work on, and beach walks to scavange more goodies. This is the only life you have, you better LIVE it! So, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Update on Perry

In the life of an abandoned street dog six months makes all the difference. We adopted Perry into our family back in November, and what a change...

This was taken right before we adopted him, especially pitiful laying in the gutter... and now he has what I'm sure is his very first toy...a clean bill of health and sleeps in a bed!

He has a couple friends that come to play with him...

Sweet loving chihuahua siblings, well not really sweet or loving to HIM, but tolerate him none the less, here Shadrach "cuddling".

Perry may be well adjusted, but he IS still a wild animal, here I caught him getting in the trash. He was letting me know, the stale crackers I threw away, were still quite edible...

He really is a good boy. Still loves to get crazy on a beach walk, and will do almost anything for fresh (or stale) bread. What a goofball!

He has come a long is another old picture, what a sweet timid little guy, when he was afraid of the tile floor.

Dogs are good people, and like people, give them a little extra attention, and you just might get a friend for life...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Busy week

Well, the word is out...Gringa Peggy will go to your birthday party, if you know her. I was invited to two this weekend, and am now well stocked with carmelos. Every kid, or gringa, gets a goodie bag, not to mention all the snacks and dinner served, parties arent cheap no matter where you live. Pictures, alas are being held hostage on my new phone, so stay tuned.

I was given half an old pool lounger cushion, and have been making chair pads. I also found out cheap twin mattresses are $20 in Charapoto, that could make quite a number of cushions.

And the other chair, paint finished, and seat cushion, I do plan on varnishing both of these chairs, probably in the next few days, I try to save and do several pieces at once. These "manufactured" chairs are very popular, or at least they were back 20 years or so ago. Javier who builds for us, also scavenges, and comes up with things.

Also note the side table with the decoupage paper napkin top, painted and varnished. Finally found out the pedestal is from an old pool table. Chevre! (Cool)

Also commissioned from Javier, finally completed, delivered and painted this week. Very cool bamboo planters. They are formed around what appear to be paint cans, and buckets, so cool! Recycling!!

The kids came over this morning and wanted to paint, so I had them scavange some boards, and gave them the idea that Dia de la Madre was next week. I offered suggestions of sun, flowers and butterflies, and let them play. Towards the end I helped even out lop sided hearts, and touched up letters, we put them in the sun to dry and made hangers from twine. I was just getting things cleaned up and Alanis returned with fresh ceviche for lunch her Abuela had made. Mi gusta!

Another week, and month gone! Geez I hardly know May is here...Another beautiful day, Perry and I heading out for an early morning low tide beach walk. What a blessing. I am blessed to have such a life, get to paint cool stuff, and with cool kids. Be part of this fun family friendly community, being healthy and stay tuned, the adventure continues!