Thursday, May 11, 2017

Update on Perry

In the life of an abandoned street dog six months makes all the difference. We adopted Perry into our family back in November, and what a change...

This was taken right before we adopted him, especially pitiful laying in the gutter... and now he has what I'm sure is his very first toy...a clean bill of health and sleeps in a bed!

He has a couple friends that come to play with him...

Sweet loving chihuahua siblings, well not really sweet or loving to HIM, but tolerate him none the less, here Shadrach "cuddling".

Perry may be well adjusted, but he IS still a wild animal, here I caught him getting in the trash. He was letting me know, the stale crackers I threw away, were still quite edible...

He really is a good boy. Still loves to get crazy on a beach walk, and will do almost anything for fresh (or stale) bread. What a goofball!

He has come a long is another old picture, what a sweet timid little guy, when he was afraid of the tile floor.

Dogs are good people, and like people, give them a little extra attention, and you just might get a friend for life...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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