Monday, May 29, 2017

What a difference three years make!

It was three years ago today we boarded a big iron bird for Quito, Ecuador, little did I know how much our lives would change. I never could have imagined we would lose all our wordly possessions, be in the midst of a terribly large 7.8 earthquake or that Mike and I would be ending our 20 year marriage.

I moved into another apartment about a month ago. Some of you may have noticed the photos recently are of a new place. This is my house, and the storefront for the new Furniture store. This "apartment " was originally built to be a restaurant.

Looking back towards entrance from kitchen.

And now after I moved in...

Furniture store area in front. Behind the yellow divider is my closet and living space.

My kitchen, and view from kitchen window. I sit here a lot, watching the waves, birds, fishermen. Ive seen dolphins, I missed the ocean, and knew I wanted to move back to it. This apartment at $150 including water and power, was just the ticket.

Making use of the "restaurant storage" for all my craft items.

And the work area, this is where you've seen pictures of kids painting.

The chihuahuas have stayed with Mike, and Perry is with me. We are literally living a block away from each other, such a small town...but we have been best friends for over 20 years, we can do it. Even tho I could never have forseen the unfortunate events of the past three years, I also wouldnt trade much of it. I am on the road to being the best, stress free, healthy self I can be, so bring it on! Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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  1. Just as before, you are a survivor. May you be clothed by the warmth from the sun and others, while you cast your warmth from within!
    Blessings to you both.