Monday, June 5, 2017

Congrejo y Construction

My little town is growing again. Marco and Karina are finally getting the new hotel built, and Jenny is building a pharmacy next to her store.

Jenny's best friend runs the pharmacy two store fronts to the east of her store. Jenny's son Xavier and his wife Gisella both work there part time. My guess is that when they move into Jenny's they will either not have to pay rent, or pay Jenny, instead of whoever owns the other building. Neighbors helping neighbors.

The fishermen have been having a hard week. These crabs are swarming in huge schools, and making a mess of the nets and catch!

By the time the boats return to shore with their catch, the crabs have eaten it! Not to mention getting them untangled from the nets is a real pain. Some boats didnt even go out the last couple nights because they knew the crabs were still out there. This is what the nets are supposed to look like...

Fish, not a jumble of crab and half eaten fish. They take it all in stride. Hey, they had a couple more nights off. I'm sure they made the best of it, they always do. At the moment it is low tide, so Perry and I and a Cup of coffee are going to enjoy a beach walk, so stay tuned...the adventure continues!

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