Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pros and Cons

Our first house here, living on the Malecon was dirty, we were surprised to find moving to this house
It was less dirty. It seems the road caused a lot of the dirt at that first house, here we found the salty grime takes a minute to hold on, but when it does...the Windows need washed within a couple days, the screens on the window also need attention.

With the addition of the shade structure came algae. Because the shells and wood items are never in sunlight, the green mossy algae grows. Where as things in full sun are bleached and bone dry. The shade structure is also dirty, but not as dirty as bird shit on your clean laundry, or freshly made couch cushions. (If we had wanted to spend more money, our shade could have been better)

We never knew much about ocean tides before it directly effected our lives. We don't necessarily feel MUCH smarter, but a little. The fishermen taught us much, about the ocean and tribal living. We call them tribes of fishermen, because by this time, there are multiple branches of a family tree involved. It's not just the Romero family, because uncle Raphael and Ramon are not Romero, but related to Fernando's mother Lola. I will miss hearing them laugh out front every morning, Laureano actually lives behind the new apartment, so maybe I can still hear him laugh, he is the one I called Giggles before I knew his name. Such good people, so thankful we were able to live here and build these relationships for the past two years. 

Tourists are on the pro and con column. We actually really like that people are able to come spend a weekend at the beach. It only effects us adversely by more noise, and possible power outages because of hinky connections for temporary use. But for the most part we love to see people enjoying what we know is so special. Birds are the same, they can make a mess, but I love watching them fly over, and play on the breeze.

The noisy neighbor...we actually FEEL the ocean crashing as well as hear it. That rumble is an angry feeling, and I won't miss that, but the sound can be soothing. But it is constant, never quiet, and that too can get "jangly". It's an energy, a force to be reckoned with, luckily it didn't happen often, but you've all witnessed our struggle. The sand being moved, back and forth reeks havoc, and traps water at times leaving us lakefront. The sand is also always in the house, this would be less if we didn't have the pets. They are not as good about wiping their feet as we are, but all that wonderful ocean breeze brings in the sand too.

The salt is another I knew something about, but not near the extent of its damaging effects. My mom brought cheap "gold" metal bells, they were corroded in 24 hrs. Completely eaten within 6 months. Nails, thumbtacks, eye hooks, staples forget about it, VERY temporary fix here. The plants, gosh how many plants have croaked since I brought them here. I finally realized the more tender the leaf, the less it will like the salt and wind. For instance, morning glory no...pothos, yes. The pothos leaf is much more like leather, than the tender leaf of the morning glory. I also learned about potted plants, things that should readily reseed themselves, don't get the chance, because the blooms blow off in the wind, instead of landing in the pot of dirt.

On the Pro column of course are the views, stunning sunsets and quick access to walk the beach at anytime. The fishermen neighbors, their nice hellos and good mornings, their gifts and acceptance have warmed our hearts. We have never seen so many Pelicans, there were times we sat out at sunset and counted them flying over, into the hundreds before we lost count! Amazing!

We are very much looking forward to our next chapter, town living, but we will miss this house and the pros AND cons of living here. Hope you have enjoyed the past two years worth of stories and happenings, and will join us in our next adventure. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Perry the perrito

Well our new addition, Perry is doing great. I took him down to the Cottages, where a vet is staying, he gave him three days of oral medicine, then a three day round of under the skin injection medicine. Let me say the oral medications were much easier to give, I'll have to have Mike help me with the other injection today. Perry also needs a bath! He, as many bigger dogs, is oily, it has been overcast so I haven't wanted to get him wet, but he must have one! The vet says he is less than a year, and in fairly good shape, but one thing at a time.

He follows well on a walk, I can't see him being leash trained, he really hated being pulled, but at least he doesn't mind things around his neck. While I was at the vet, Mike turned the crockpot on and made home made dogfood. We have been wanting to do it since we moved, another mouth to feed was the right push. 

2 lbs lean ground beef
3 potatoes diced
3 carrots diced
3 eggs
1 cup rice
3 cup water

It was a HUGE success! Everyone loved it, only problem was Veronica couldn't digest the diced potatoes or carrots, if she would have chewed her food, instead of SCARFED it...but she IS a wild animal, time Mike says he will blend the veggies. It cost $6 for the meat, and veggies are so cheap, of course Perry ate it all within 3 days, no need to freeze. Forgot how much big dogs eat!

Mike would like to make a fish one, and that too is cheap, 2 lbs filleted for $5, free from the fishermen if we wanted to clean it ourselves. (Leonor and I decided to have a fish cleaning and cooking class at CasaMar, I should schedule it) Shadrach is allergic to chicken, so if we made a chicken one he couldn't eat it, but skies the limit!

He is still such a lover, doesn't want to come in the house much, but knows how to get out and back in our yard after potty, still can't believe he is house/patio trained! He snuck thru the doggie door the other day when he felt he hadn't got enough food, but hasn't bothered with the trashcans, he is pretty amazing. He starts vaccines on Sunday, and we will discuss and schedule having him fixed. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Life by the ocean

The Ocean is jefe! We say that to our fishermen friends and they laugh, because THEY know. With the Super moon, came Super high tides, the fishermen moved their boats, and we braced for water. It's a good thing we fortified our gate, as the water would have pushed it open for sure, but so far just a little sand and water in the patio, nothing too bad. Can't say it isn't somewhat exciting living here...

But, with that being said, we have decided to move. More to come on that later... For now enjoy these photos having to do with life on the ocean, Volunteer firemen training session, what a lovely place for it!

Maybe a little warm in all that gear, but living the life right?!

A game during Low tide on the holiday weekend, this happens often.

A good days catch, a board the Robinson boat.

Jorge often goes out on bigger boats, and this is what you find out in deeper water, yikes!

Our pretty mermaids, Domenica and mom, Viviana Romero Loor

A fun view from the other side of our cove, looking north towards our house. The cement with blue painted columns is the Navy station.

Last nights sunset, with high tide roaring past our fence. We will have been in this beach house for two years next month, wow time flies when you're having fun! We will close this chapter and move on to our "living in town" chapter. We have decided to rent an apartment next door to the Panaderia, the rent including utilities is $130 a month. The landlord Rodolfo is putting a fresh coat of paint, and re-tiling the kitchen, we will move slowly between the 1-15th. Mike wants to paint a mural in the outdoor area, and we can organize as we move in. It will be bitter sweet leaving this house, luckily we know the friendships we have made will move with us but I will miss hearing the fishermen laugh and talk as they work the nets....

Life is good by the ocean, so Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Monday, November 14, 2016

New Addition

Since we started hanging out with Nexar, we've noticed this dog. He hangs out on the corner in front of Jenny's tienda and I assumed he was theirs. I know I've seen this dog with purple medicine on him, sleeping at Jenny's, but during the art fair we noticed how skinny he was. I asked Jenny's boys about the dog, and they told me his family left after the earthquake, that they had been feeding him, but he was getting skinnier, and he needed a home...

I fed him while he sat with me that Friday trying to sell our things. He was such a sweetie, very mild mannered and obviously liked to cuddle. We looked him over, no visible skin issues, but Nexar said he was parasitico, maybe why he's skinny.

He wasn't interested in following us home, which was good. We discussed for a couple days, and realized he needed our help, the choice was made...Perry would be asked to join our family.

He did eventually follow us home, but didn't want to come in the gate...

But then, after some coaxing...he did

He was leery of getting on the couch, for a second...

He has good teeth, and acts very young at times. The most surprising is he appears to be potty trained!

Of course the puppies aren't very happy, Veronica does seem to like him more than she liked Dulce, it must be a girl thing. If they only understood how good they have it, sleep in a bed!

Haha, this guy is so funny! He loves to be covered up, even his head. He just snuggles down, Awww, warms the heart. He is not a fan of inside the house, he doesn't like the tile floor, but also may not be an inside dog...yet

There is a vet living at the Cottages, and we will walk him down this morning for a check up. Get him on some medicine and then get him fixed. Welcome to the family, Perry Keith Adams...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Wasn't an Art fair scheduled?

Sorry for the lapse in coverage, if you're in the US, you've had coverage of a different sort, and all I can say...I'm sorry. Our internet went down, and then was fixed a day and went down again, and next thing you know it's been a week without Internet! Let's start with the Art and Cultural Event, the art part of it was to be in the form of street vendors peddling their handiworks...I'm not sure they got the memo, as it only turned out to be two of us...not an Art fair does that make.

The only other vendor had these carved horns, cool and interesting. He didn't sell any either.

We set up Thursday afternoon, and I sat out all day Friday. There were plenty of people in town, but not many even stopped to look at our items. Much of Friday was spent like this...

Virginia (in red) hung out with me most of the day, and others joined off and on. Mike floated around, walking the beach and taking pics of the sand sculptures being created. (Miley and Ashley, Martha's daughters)

Late Friday afternoon, the girls helped me lower prices, but approaching dusk I was done. There was to be a band that night, and maybe I could have sold something after dark, but...we packed it all in and went home. We decided not to set up Saturday, but rather give much as gifts, and others sell at our tiendas and restaurants. 

Some of the painted things we already took to our friend Leo's new restaurant. They will be decoration, but also for sale. The shell chimes I'll take to Martha's restaurant on the main road, and again they can be decoration, but for purchase if asked. Martha can make some extra money.

The festival highlight was indeed the Thursday night entertainment The Quito Ballet, this year they did an urban type of modern dance, not ballet. Thanks Glenn for the pics.

Sunday the festival performers and tourists went on their merry way, and our town was quiet again. It was a good turnout, even if we didn't sell anything. Not discouraged (anymore) new things to work on, and new chapters to stay tuned, the adventure continues!!