Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pros and Cons

Our first house here, living on the Malecon was dirty, we were surprised to find moving to this house
It was less dirty. It seems the road caused a lot of the dirt at that first house, here we found the salty grime takes a minute to hold on, but when it does...the Windows need washed within a couple days, the screens on the window also need attention.

With the addition of the shade structure came algae. Because the shells and wood items are never in sunlight, the green mossy algae grows. Where as things in full sun are bleached and bone dry. The shade structure is also dirty, but not as dirty as bird shit on your clean laundry, or freshly made couch cushions. (If we had wanted to spend more money, our shade could have been better)

We never knew much about ocean tides before it directly effected our lives. We don't necessarily feel MUCH smarter, but a little. The fishermen taught us much, about the ocean and tribal living. We call them tribes of fishermen, because by this time, there are multiple branches of a family tree involved. It's not just the Romero family, because uncle Raphael and Ramon are not Romero, but related to Fernando's mother Lola. I will miss hearing them laugh out front every morning, Laureano actually lives behind the new apartment, so maybe I can still hear him laugh, he is the one I called Giggles before I knew his name. Such good people, so thankful we were able to live here and build these relationships for the past two years. 

Tourists are on the pro and con column. We actually really like that people are able to come spend a weekend at the beach. It only effects us adversely by more noise, and possible power outages because of hinky connections for temporary use. But for the most part we love to see people enjoying what we know is so special. Birds are the same, they can make a mess, but I love watching them fly over, and play on the breeze.

The noisy neighbor...we actually FEEL the ocean crashing as well as hear it. That rumble is an angry feeling, and I won't miss that, but the sound can be soothing. But it is constant, never quiet, and that too can get "jangly". It's an energy, a force to be reckoned with, luckily it didn't happen often, but you've all witnessed our struggle. The sand being moved, back and forth reeks havoc, and traps water at times leaving us lakefront. The sand is also always in the house, this would be less if we didn't have the pets. They are not as good about wiping their feet as we are, but all that wonderful ocean breeze brings in the sand too.

The salt is another I knew something about, but not near the extent of its damaging effects. My mom brought cheap "gold" metal bells, they were corroded in 24 hrs. Completely eaten within 6 months. Nails, thumbtacks, eye hooks, staples forget about it, VERY temporary fix here. The plants, gosh how many plants have croaked since I brought them here. I finally realized the more tender the leaf, the less it will like the salt and wind. For instance, morning glory no...pothos, yes. The pothos leaf is much more like leather, than the tender leaf of the morning glory. I also learned about potted plants, things that should readily reseed themselves, don't get the chance, because the blooms blow off in the wind, instead of landing in the pot of dirt.

On the Pro column of course are the views, stunning sunsets and quick access to walk the beach at anytime. The fishermen neighbors, their nice hellos and good mornings, their gifts and acceptance have warmed our hearts. We have never seen so many Pelicans, there were times we sat out at sunset and counted them flying over, into the hundreds before we lost count! Amazing!

We are very much looking forward to our next chapter, town living, but we will miss this house and the pros AND cons of living here. Hope you have enjoyed the past two years worth of stories and happenings, and will join us in our next adventure. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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