Monday, November 14, 2016

New Addition

Since we started hanging out with Nexar, we've noticed this dog. He hangs out on the corner in front of Jenny's tienda and I assumed he was theirs. I know I've seen this dog with purple medicine on him, sleeping at Jenny's, but during the art fair we noticed how skinny he was. I asked Jenny's boys about the dog, and they told me his family left after the earthquake, that they had been feeding him, but he was getting skinnier, and he needed a home...

I fed him while he sat with me that Friday trying to sell our things. He was such a sweetie, very mild mannered and obviously liked to cuddle. We looked him over, no visible skin issues, but Nexar said he was parasitico, maybe why he's skinny.

He wasn't interested in following us home, which was good. We discussed for a couple days, and realized he needed our help, the choice was made...Perry would be asked to join our family.

He did eventually follow us home, but didn't want to come in the gate...

But then, after some coaxing...he did

He was leery of getting on the couch, for a second...

He has good teeth, and acts very young at times. The most surprising is he appears to be potty trained!

Of course the puppies aren't very happy, Veronica does seem to like him more than she liked Dulce, it must be a girl thing. If they only understood how good they have it, sleep in a bed!

Haha, this guy is so funny! He loves to be covered up, even his head. He just snuggles down, Awww, warms the heart. He is not a fan of inside the house, he doesn't like the tile floor, but also may not be an inside dog...yet

There is a vet living at the Cottages, and we will walk him down this morning for a check up. Get him on some medicine and then get him fixed. Welcome to the family, Perry Keith Adams...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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