Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Life by the ocean

The Ocean is jefe! We say that to our fishermen friends and they laugh, because THEY know. With the Super moon, came Super high tides, the fishermen moved their boats, and we braced for water. It's a good thing we fortified our gate, as the water would have pushed it open for sure, but so far just a little sand and water in the patio, nothing too bad. Can't say it isn't somewhat exciting living here...

But, with that being said, we have decided to move. More to come on that later... For now enjoy these photos having to do with life on the ocean, Volunteer firemen training session, what a lovely place for it!

Maybe a little warm in all that gear, but living the life right?!

A game during Low tide on the holiday weekend, this happens often.

A good days catch, a board the Robinson boat.

Jorge often goes out on bigger boats, and this is what you find out in deeper water, yikes!

Our pretty mermaids, Domenica and mom, Viviana Romero Loor

A fun view from the other side of our cove, looking north towards our house. The cement with blue painted columns is the Navy station.

Last nights sunset, with high tide roaring past our fence. We will have been in this beach house for two years next month, wow time flies when you're having fun! We will close this chapter and move on to our "living in town" chapter. We have decided to rent an apartment next door to the Panaderia, the rent including utilities is $130 a month. The landlord Rodolfo is putting a fresh coat of paint, and re-tiling the kitchen, we will move slowly between the 1-15th. Mike wants to paint a mural in the outdoor area, and we can organize as we move in. It will be bitter sweet leaving this house, luckily we know the friendships we have made will move with us but I will miss hearing the fishermen laugh and talk as they work the nets....

Life is good by the ocean, so Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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