Sunday, November 13, 2016

Wasn't an Art fair scheduled?

Sorry for the lapse in coverage, if you're in the US, you've had coverage of a different sort, and all I can say...I'm sorry. Our internet went down, and then was fixed a day and went down again, and next thing you know it's been a week without Internet! Let's start with the Art and Cultural Event, the art part of it was to be in the form of street vendors peddling their handiworks...I'm not sure they got the memo, as it only turned out to be two of us...not an Art fair does that make.

The only other vendor had these carved horns, cool and interesting. He didn't sell any either.

We set up Thursday afternoon, and I sat out all day Friday. There were plenty of people in town, but not many even stopped to look at our items. Much of Friday was spent like this...

Virginia (in red) hung out with me most of the day, and others joined off and on. Mike floated around, walking the beach and taking pics of the sand sculptures being created. (Miley and Ashley, Martha's daughters)

Late Friday afternoon, the girls helped me lower prices, but approaching dusk I was done. There was to be a band that night, and maybe I could have sold something after dark, but...we packed it all in and went home. We decided not to set up Saturday, but rather give much as gifts, and others sell at our tiendas and restaurants. 

Some of the painted things we already took to our friend Leo's new restaurant. They will be decoration, but also for sale. The shell chimes I'll take to Martha's restaurant on the main road, and again they can be decoration, but for purchase if asked. Martha can make some extra money.

The festival highlight was indeed the Thursday night entertainment The Quito Ballet, this year they did an urban type of modern dance, not ballet. Thanks Glenn for the pics.

Sunday the festival performers and tourists went on their merry way, and our town was quiet again. It was a good turnout, even if we didn't sell anything. Not discouraged (anymore) new things to work on, and new chapters to stay tuned, the adventure continues!!

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