Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fixing Perry

We finally got our adopted dog Perry castrated and had a nasty sexually transmitted tumor taken off his "winkie". He is doing very well post surgery, and will be up to his normal shenanigans in no time. A local expat who speaks fluent spanish helped us. She stopped and made the appointment with the vet in Charapoto and also drove Perry and I there. She helped in surgery, bought the medicines from the pharmacy next door and has come three days in a row to give him an injection. A real God send! Castration was $40 and the tumor removal was $40 as well, medicines $12. Patricia would not accept any money for her help.

I brought him home and while he was still groggy put a diaper on him, it worked really well. During the night he finally got it off but it worked for a long time, and kept his nose out of his business. We put another one him again the next day, at .25 each, not a bad choice.

He has a healthy appetite, and a pretty new necklace. Sleeping in the house and getting lots of special attention. He is feeling pretty spoiled, now if he just knew where his nuts went...

Towel wrapped around his head as a diy elizabethan collar. I thought of making a cardboard one, but this worked. He really is such a good boy, his biggest problem is he doesnt want to potty in the patio, oh and he doesnt know where his nuts went...

All smiles, what a goof ball. Low tide is in the morning this week, and as soon as Tia Patricia says he can go outside, we will do a beach walk, he always loves stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Sunday is Family Day

Since moving into this apartment we have become much closer to Nexar and family. Maria is often here helping, and we get to chat, look over the Avon catalogue and genuinely enjoy each others company. Mike and I were having a beer with lunch the other day and Maria said she wanted to have a little with us, so we planned a Sunday party and invited the kids and grandkids.

We bought a couple pounds of shrimp, and Maria brought the "hot dogs". They skewer the dog then spiral cut it, so when we brush chimihurri on it it goes everywhere, really yummy! I had some cabbage, carrots and such and the girls got busy making a salad, and in no time we had a wonderful lunch.

The grandkids Dayan and Johanna, both 3 years old, couldnt get enough. They really like the shrimp!

After lunch the kids thoroughly enjoyed making pillow forts, and then they played in the hose.

Another delicious meal and good time. Nexar and Maria were back and forth working, making the bread for the next day, and it gave us time to visit with the adult children. Such a nice family, we are so very blessed to be a part of it.

Maria and I are already planning the next one. We went through the whole family and wrote down everyones Birthday...any excuse to have a get together! So, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Maykel's Cumpleanos

I was recently asked if I would be interested in attending a young boy's birthday, and I said "of course!". I do not know this boys parents, I do know his father died three years ago, when Maykel was the tender age of 4, and he is family of our "other Nexar" the fisherman from in front of the beach house.

I thought maybe the boys father was a son of Nexar, but maybe his mother is related to Nexars wife. Anyway, however they are related doesnt matter, the invitation was heart warming and Im so glad I went. Maykel was having such a wonderful time!

The invitation said 2pm, and Ive been to enough parties I knew that was waaay to early to go. I'd never been to their house either, so when I asked where it was, the kids said they would come get me. They came at 2:30ish, and I said I needed a little more time, I would be there by 4, they said ok, down by the church, listen for the dancing.

Pictures was like wrangling cats. First one with the boys, then with the girls, then with his older brother and sister. Some dancing games, musical chairs, and then time for the piñatas. One for the girls and one for the boys, so smart because those boys were ruthless!

Uncle Alvaro helped Maykel with the piñatas, and then enjoyed carrying him around for a minute. Maykel was ALL SMILES! All day!!

I was home by sunset, a couple hours loving on my neighborhood boys, showing support and love to the family, feeling so blessed to be asked.

Feliz Cumpleanos Maykel, que dios te bendiga mijo.
stay tuned, the adventure continues...

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mike the Artist

Have you ever known someone who is just good at everything? Dont you hate those people? Well, my husband Mike is one of those, he started painting, and quickly surpassed me! His talent is amazing! (He does remind me that he took art classes all thru highschool, but geez...does he have to be so good?!)

He did these circles for a long time, then I prompted him to try something else. And wouldnt you know he successfully painted more.

So, after he mastered circles, suns, and waves...he started in on flowers. Here are the beautiful roses he painted that hang in our bedroom.

THEN...he decided to try his hand at sealife. Wouldnt you know, he nailed it! I am so jealous! He just has the gift (thankfully he shares it with me.)

He also made a table with scrap wood, a coat of varnish and everything looks pretty. Many ideas floating in his brain after making this, just need tools.

He also started puttering with me outside on the patio and helped make it into more of an outdoor room. Gave a potted bougainvillea and morning glory a place to climb, and made us a corner seating area. Mi gusta!

So there you have it, my husband the artist! He's painting sticks now, going to show me up AGAIN! As always, stay tuned, the adventure continues...

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Around Ecuador

We keep saying that during the hot season we will go somewhere to visit where it is cooler. We just never seem to go anywhere. What can we say? We like the beach. Thankfully Facebook is full of wonderful photos for me to share with you, more and more since my news feed is almost purely espanol, hope you enjoy.

It is mosquito season, we heard them spraying again last night, its smelly, but a good thing.

Speaking of wildlife, Iguanas are everywhere, they even have special parks. This one is in Guayaquil.

Another thing Ecuador is known for is its flowers, how we are enjoying living farther from the ocean, our plants are doing sooooo well. Here are some flower covered parade floats during Carnival. One of these days we will get to this neck of the woods.

One reason Ecuador has so many wonderful flowers is the rain...another beautiful thing from rain, rainbows. What a beautiful photo overlooking the rice fields.

Another beautiful houses. These are apartments for those people who did not own land at the time of the earthquake, but lost their homes none the less. 74 families are moving into these dwellings.

One thing about Facebook photos, is sometimes I save something and then forget what it was, I think this is Crucita, I know they have a lot of hang gliding there. What gorgeous water and sky. Gracias Dios!

If any of this interests you, or you want to see more for yourself, here is a great value...

Cute little beach bungalow for sale here in San Jacinto Ecuador. $58,000 USD 2 bedroom, 1bath furnished with ocean views. All it needs is a little shade and a hammock and you! Hope you enjoyed the post from around Ecuador. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!