Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Carnival 2017

Carnival has come and gone. Definitely less people than last year, but less rain too. In talking amongst ourselves about the weather, we realized the Ecuadorean have lived their entire lives with Carnival being in Rainy February, they are not fazed by it, they have fun anyway! And with it not being cold rain, one may not realize it really isnt that bad...THAT being said, the concert did get rained out the other night. We gave up and went to bed.

People and vendors started coming Thursday eve, towns people cleaned and painted the curbs, and put up new flags. Friday night it rained, and into the morning saturday. My heart sank as I remembered last year, and all the rain. But by noon Saturday the sun was shining, and the streets were drying. Sunday was also beautiful with blue skies all day. Monday was another beautiful day, until late afternoon when some ominous clouds came thru. The rain held off until about 8pm, then some scattered sprinkles until...downpour right when the band was to start. At least an hour of downpour with wet vacationing people huddled in our doorway. As it let up, we waited to see what would happen with the stage, but decided we were done,  It was closing in on midnight, time for bed. I woke up at 1:15 and heard the band playing, good for them. (Sat and sun stage was set up farther down the street)

We enjoyed people watching from our "porch". Visiting with Nexar family over ceviche and beers one day and visiting with our Romero family at their pop up restaurant another day. Selfies with Zadkiel and a morning beach walk, Carnival was a good time.

 Today the town would be back to normal, and its...yep, raining! Oh well. No leaks in the closet, and nothing on the agenda. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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