Saturday, March 4, 2017

More fun

With Carnival ending on Tuesday, and the weekend right around the corner many people stayed in town. More selfies on the boat, (good shot of the new "sails") more restaurant eating and more beach days.

One thing about Carnival that really isnt my thing is the foam and water fights, here are some pictures. The little kids have a lot of fun with soapy foam, and the bigger kids like this powder dye stuff they throw at each other, especially with the rain nobody stays "dirty" for long.

Perry had a great time at Carnival, he had a nice dry bed and porch to come home to, and someone even gave him an afternoon snack! I'd forgotten how much he likes a blanket, this day he'd gone out and was caught in a downpour, came home soaking wet, doesnt look like he minds.

Another day we beach walked, and finally had the camera for pictures of what comes out of the river. As you can see most of it not trash, but natural debris, coconut, banana stalks, water hyacinth, bamboo along with the good stuff, old boards and cool stumps.

Today is a beautiful breezy morning, we have painting projects to work on, and a special night planned. We are going to our first quincenera! Nexar and Maria's youngest daughter Julexy's party is today. Nexar will take us after he finishes his afternoon work. So...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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