Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fixing Perry

We finally got our adopted dog Perry castrated and had a nasty sexually transmitted tumor taken off his "winkie". He is doing very well post surgery, and will be up to his normal shenanigans in no time. A local expat who speaks fluent spanish helped us. She stopped and made the appointment with the vet in Charapoto and also drove Perry and I there. She helped in surgery, bought the medicines from the pharmacy next door and has come three days in a row to give him an injection. A real God send! Castration was $40 and the tumor removal was $40 as well, medicines $12. Patricia would not accept any money for her help.

I brought him home and while he was still groggy put a diaper on him, it worked really well. During the night he finally got it off but it worked for a long time, and kept his nose out of his business. We put another one him again the next day, at .25 each, not a bad choice.

He has a healthy appetite, and a pretty new necklace. Sleeping in the house and getting lots of special attention. He is feeling pretty spoiled, now if he just knew where his nuts went...

Towel wrapped around his head as a diy elizabethan collar. I thought of making a cardboard one, but this worked. He really is such a good boy, his biggest problem is he doesnt want to potty in the patio, oh and he doesnt know where his nuts went...

All smiles, what a goof ball. Low tide is in the morning this week, and as soon as Tia Patricia says he can go outside, we will do a beach walk, he always loves stay tuned, the adventure continues!