Thursday, March 9, 2017

Around Ecuador

We keep saying that during the hot season we will go somewhere to visit where it is cooler. We just never seem to go anywhere. What can we say? We like the beach. Thankfully Facebook is full of wonderful photos for me to share with you, more and more since my news feed is almost purely espanol, hope you enjoy.

It is mosquito season, we heard them spraying again last night, its smelly, but a good thing.

Speaking of wildlife, Iguanas are everywhere, they even have special parks. This one is in Guayaquil.

Another thing Ecuador is known for is its flowers, how we are enjoying living farther from the ocean, our plants are doing sooooo well. Here are some flower covered parade floats during Carnival. One of these days we will get to this neck of the woods.

One reason Ecuador has so many wonderful flowers is the rain...another beautiful thing from rain, rainbows. What a beautiful photo overlooking the rice fields.

Another beautiful houses. These are apartments for those people who did not own land at the time of the earthquake, but lost their homes none the less. 74 families are moving into these dwellings.

One thing about Facebook photos, is sometimes I save something and then forget what it was, I think this is Crucita, I know they have a lot of hang gliding there. What gorgeous water and sky. Gracias Dios!

If any of this interests you, or you want to see more for yourself, here is a great value...

Cute little beach bungalow for sale here in San Jacinto Ecuador. $58,000 USD 2 bedroom, 1bath furnished with ocean views. All it needs is a little shade and a hammock and you! Hope you enjoyed the post from around Ecuador. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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