Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Julexy's Quinceanera

Saturday was the long awaited quinceanera of the daughter of our friend and neighbor Nexar the bread man. He couldnt tell me exactly what time to be ready, but we knew the party started at 7pm and he would be in trouble if he was much later than that. The sun was just setting as we climbed in the back of his moto and headed to Charapoto.

Because we arrived before the appointed time, we were early...waaay early. We got to see the way one hangs a paper lantern when you dont have a ladder. And watch as the guests trickled in. Maria said sixty were invited.

Nexar had finished the work on the house since we had been there last. He has made the house into three apartments for the kids. He and Maria and Julexy sleep in the one with the kitchen, nextdoor is where Yaritza the other daughter sleeps with her boyfriend Ronny and their son Dayan. Next door to that is where their son Pablo and his wife and daughter live, they probably have their own kitchen. 

They have their living room window bars removable, so when its time for a party they can open up the space. What a great idea! The youngsters dancing appreciated what breeze came in thru the large opening, and those of us sitting on the porch still felt part of the party.

We recognized several family members from the last party we were at, and also made new friends. One of the neighbors really wanted everyone to dance, so we all had some time on the dance floor, thank goodness for those "ice breaker" types. Every party needs them.

Snacks and food came out slowly over the course of the night. (Maria had hired a helper to man the kitchen out back, so she could enjoy the party, Im so glad) Beers and cane liquor flowed to those who wanted, and the teenagers played on their phones! Not wanting to be hungover the next day we slowed our drinking and waited for the appropriate time to ask for a taxi. That turned out to be just after 12 when the food was served! Maria's mom and some relatives decided it was time to go, so we asked for a taxi too. We ate yummy pork and macaroni tuna salad as we waited and took our cake home. 

It was later than I had expected to stay,  almost 1am, but since they arent crazy drinkers, it was a nice time. Nexar was sure tired the next day, he said the music went til about 5 when he was getting ready to head back to the bakery. Here is a photo posted on Facebook, taken by one of Julexy's friends after most of the guests left. A wonderful party for a wonderful young lady and her family, que dios te bendiga!

So thankful we were invited to attend and happy to know we are considered family. Yesterday was a wonderful day of puttering out on the patio, so many things to show off, so...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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