Friday, June 22, 2018

Corn Festival

Back in late May I learned of an event that was coming up, I looked briefly at the online flyer, and then shared it with the San Clemente/San Jacinto Expat page. As the date approached, people were asking me where it was being held, and who wanted to go...I had to be honost, I had assumed it was in Charapoto, but was being held northeast of us, towards Bahia and then inland, the tiny village of La Laguna. We ended up getting enough people for two taxis and a truck, and all around it was an amazing turn out!

There were food vendors, with each having a little table space, there were vendors selling everything from used clothes to Panama Hats, hooch (liquor) of all varieties and artsy crafts. There was cultural dancing and judging of crops.

We sat and ate, walked and shopped. Enjoyed the festivities and the dancing (too much talking, and not enough dancing). Of course it wouldnt be an ecuadorean festival without the Queen...yep, the Queen of Corn.

Wow! She should wear that to the Crazy hat party tomorrow!! She may win! Dont want to miss, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Makeovers and moving

During the first week of June, I was house sitting for Jerri, and moving into my own little house. I would go to my place and do a little organizing, but then come back and did some projects at Jerri’s.

She is renting a house, and the decor, wasnt really her style. Another expat had painted big beautiful floral canvases, but Jerri had mentioned she really wanted something more beachy. I got the wheels turning, and decided I could “recycle” the canvases. I cut up an old bleach stained sheet, and painted the “new canvases” on a piece of cardboard. Once they were dry, I hot glued them on the exsisting canvases. When she moves, all she has to do is pull off the hot glue, and voila, the old artwork should be as good as new. (Make new frames, and she can still have these pieces)

I painted another one for the hallway, and a wolf for her room. She was soooo surprised, and happy to have a space more suited to her.

Another makeover I did awhile ago, was finally revealed when given to a little boy for his birthday, Wow was he excited! An expat made the horse, and I painted and varnished it.

Getting organized and settled at my new place, hung some decorations the other day, and feeling like home. (Of course, here I am house sitting until Friday)

The expats are having a joint June Birthday Party this Saturday, and the theme is crazy hat, so while I am house sitting, I am busy making my crazy stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Where did May go?

So hard to believe May is almost over, most of my month was spent house sitting, and boy am I glad that job is over!

If you have followed for some time, my first house/pet sitting job last year was for these animals, three dogs who insist on getting breakfast at unGodly hours, anywhere from 3:30-5:30 am! One can get them to go back to sleep for only so long, before you are awake and angry, so might as well get up and feed the little rat bastards. This year the cat was in on it. She was a menace, jumping on the kitchen counters and even on the dining room table one night when Jerri brought dinner over. ($15 a day seemed waaaay to little pay, that must be why the stocked me with so much wine!)

While I was there they had commissioned me to do a couple murals and to recover a loveseat, thank goodness I had some projects! I got started on the fishtank right away, and then poco y poco (bit by bit) did some other things, some asked for, and others...well gratis

before...and after

This is a wonderful open balcony area, and is used a LOT, so I did some extra things, the above paintng was one. The loveseat, before...with Perry and after I painted, varnished and recovered the cushions.

After the loveseat was so new and shiny, it really made the rest of the furniture up there look worn, a coat of honey colored varnish really did the trick, and Nancy and Mary came home to a brand new space!

I spruced up the stairwell with a vignette of painted sealife and some shells, and painted a mural in the Kitchen area.

Even while being frustrated with the animals, having the projects, the three weeks flew by, and I was on to other things. Had only been “home” at Jerri’s for two nights and got called to San Clemente for the weekend. First of June Jerri will go to the States, and I will back there taking care of her dog Dottie, then mid June other friends are going away for five days, whew! Then I am done...and need to find myself a new rental. All the while still doing projects, I have signs to finish, lamps to make and two murals plus hair stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

My silly dog

Perry literally walked into the house the other day, saw my overnight bag and looked at me, as if to say “where are we going NOW?” He is such a sweet natured animal, all he really cares about is being with me, and since he gets along with everyone, he is able to house sit with me...whether he really likes it or not. Some recent photos of him

Very alert, almost always “on guard duty”...sometimes, tho he just needs a little spot of his own to rest.

The space between the table and the wall on the porch at Jerri’s, just big enough for him to squeeze in.

Never too far away from my side...

Unless he is investigating the new house, maybe he was checking the perimeter for threats.

One of his favorite places to lay is in the sun, unfortunatly when he gets hot he gets hives...what a weirdo. His only defect, they dont seem to bother him, but they sure look bad. And they go away after he comes inside and cools off

Sure am thankful for this bundle of love and affection. And everytime I house/dog sit, I realize just how good he is!! So stay tuned, Perry and my adventure continues...

Friday, April 27, 2018

Beach clean up

During our rainy season, the Portoviejo river brings us ALOT of trash and debris from inland, now that rainy season is over, we needed a serious beach clean up.

As I sat on the porch drinking coffee, I saw lots of neighbors and school kids heading down to the boca, they had some brief instruction, then got on with it. All up and down the beach (about 4 miles) people were picking up trash, and moving the debris so the machines could load the trucks.

Young, old, Ecuadorean and expats, we made quick work of it. Within a couple hours it was done (except for the trucks). I wish I had gotten a picture of the piles of black trashbags.

I joined in with the neighbors and cleaned the street side of the cabanas, along with a couple men from the Navy station.

Hopefully since so many school children helped, they will think twice before tossing the candy wrapper on the has to start with them.

It was a really good event, and the whole area looks wonderful, so stay tuned, the adventure continues...

Thursday, April 12, 2018

House sitting, Boca style

As of the end of March, I became...well, my mom doesnt like me to use the word “homeless”, so I will say a vagabond. Hahaa

I let my apartment in San Clemente go, and moved all my things into my friend’s garage. I started a house sitting job on April 4 and will be here until the 20th. Another long weekend job the end of April, and then another house for three weeks in May...what do I need my own apartment for?

So, I am making money AND saving money. At this house I have a couple small dogs and a POOL! I also have had an electric bike to ride around on, which has made going to San Clemente to do hair a breeze!

This is Daisy, a Chinese crested recently brought back from the States. She took awhile to warm up, we had many play dates before the parents left, and now she is on my lap as often as I will allow. Her brother Doogie is a Papillion, and also a sweetheart.

Such a spectacular location this house, at the end of the malecon, with the Portoviejo river on the south, mangroves to the east and ocean to the west. Rainy season is ending, and the sunsets have been...well

Perry isn’t quite sure whats next, but he is pretty happy as long as he is with me. He tries so hard to get along with everybody. What a funny boy.

A quick ride into San Jacinto, a haircut, pick up my paints, and then I see pool time in my future. A couple paint projects to work on and maybe my Bakery family over this weekend for pool time before the kids go back to stay tuned, the Adventure continues!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

This week around Ecuador

It was a busy week and weekend here on the coast, the last hooray before kids go back to school, and Holy Week. Easter is NOT chocolate bunnies and eggs is somber and serious. Here are photos from the “Walk of the Cross”, those following the blog for sometime, may remember the people start the walk in Charapoto, and then down the beach, stopping every so often to pray, reflect, sing and act out the stations of the cross.

The rainy season, which this year was not bad, is almost over, but still giving some beautiful sights.

Awesome double rainbow up northeast near Quito, and my friends cute little house.

And a great catch up the beach in San Clemente. And another in Manta...speaking of gifts from the sea

Time for a beach walk, and scope out the new debris, so much free stuff, really need to get a sled or backpack for Perry! So...stay tuned, the adventure continues!