Sunday, July 15, 2018

Fourth of July in San Clemente Ecuador

The expats had so much fun doing the parade for Carnivale in February, they decided to do one themselves for the fourth of July. A group got together ahead of time and made tissue paper pom poms in red, white and blue, and had glittery star decorations to share. All sorts of transport came to join in, an old army jeep, quads, trikes, bikes and even horses! Music blaring from a boom box and a promise of pot luck and bbq hamburgers and hot dogs at the end.

The locals were unaware what was happening, I guess we should have advertised it on Facebook. But the ones who did happen to be in town, enjoyed seeing them ride by. The Ecuadoreans are such a proud people, they were not upset by the show of pride for the US.

It turned out to be a beautiful afternoon, and the party at the end was a nice way to end the day. I just got word the August festival will be on the 10 th, and we will have to try to out-do our last, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Crazy Hat Party

Last year San Clemente got some new people from Texas, and they are blessed with the gift of Hospitality! They have a wonderful yard, and porch for gathering and dancing, and they just enjoy having a good time with their friends and neighbors. In chatting, we realized there were quite a few of us expats that had birthdays in June, so these people decided to have a joint birthday party, and made it themed as Crazy Hat. That meant I had to get thinking...I looked around my house, and saw a small balsa wood toucan I had purchased last year in Banos, that was my inspiration. I then started looking on Pinterest (where I get so many of my great ideas) and it was on!

I spent the afternoon in front of the tv while house sitting, making tissue paper leaves, and flowers. ( I also made Jerri an indian headdress, so made tissue paper feathers too) I had a large piece of cardboard I cut to make the hat portion, and poco y poco got the hat glued together. I used drinkng straws to make the “fronds” stiff, and also used them for the stems of the flowers. A little fishing line to hold everything around the hat and Voila! I was sooooo pleased!

I made one for Jerri, and then one for Bonnie as she was returning from Guayaquil the day of the party, and wouldnt have time or energy to make one for herself.

I really had a fun time making them, and couldnt wait to see what other people did. The night of the party was a great time (as always) and the happy faces show it.

There were prizes, first, second and third. First prize went to an ecuadorean, and the hat was pretty great! Toy cars, and even a helicopter on the top.

I won second place (glad I didnt get first, I dont drink Vodka, the wine is more my style)

And third went to another ecuadorean, kinda hard to see, but his hat was a big mug of beer

It really was a fun night. Not as many hats as I had hoped, maybe next year people will hire me to make them one. :)

We ended up having 13 birthday people, and the biggest party yet, probably 100 or more people! A wonderful celebration. Perry had a hat too, of course, but didnt wear it for more than a minute. (Plate of bacon and egg, it attached with a length of elastic, was super cute) Who knows whats next? So...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mystery Guests

While I was doing my last house sitting gig, someone decided to lay eggs in one of my plants on the patio. To say I was shocked, is an understatement...I looked at the high cement walls, and wondered “what in the heck”? Yesterday when I was watering the my surprise there were NOW FOUR EGGS!

This morning I posted the photo on facebook, and asked if anyone knew what they were, as the only birds I have seen in the patio were Doves. Someone said yes, the could be dove eggs, and a quick look at wikipedia said doves do lay eggs in sets of two...ok, maybe doves, yet later an ecuadorean said they were chicken. I went about my business, making a shade structure, and reading nook on the patio.

After my success with the seating area, I was enjoying a smoothie and reading my book, and all of a sudden a lot of bird noise...I look up and see, what now I am asuming is the mother of these eggs. Boy was she not happy.

She came around to the back, and then finally came down into the patio, all the while screeching at me! Next thing I know, she is heading straight for me, instead of her “nest”...

She finally flew at me, landing (thankfully) on the new shade tarp, but it sent me flying into the house! She sat out there and screeched for a good long time, finally all was quiet, Perry and I ventured to open the door... and lo and behold another egg! She obviously has a love/hate relationship with me...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Corn Festival

Back in late May I learned of an event that was coming up, I looked briefly at the online flyer, and then shared it with the San Clemente/San Jacinto Expat page. As the date approached, people were asking me where it was being held, and who wanted to go...I had to be honost, I had assumed it was in Charapoto, but was being held northeast of us, towards Bahia and then inland, the tiny village of La Laguna. We ended up getting enough people for two taxis and a truck, and all around it was an amazing turn out!

There were food vendors, with each having a little table space, there were vendors selling everything from used clothes to Panama Hats, hooch (liquor) of all varieties and artsy crafts. There was cultural dancing and judging of crops.

We sat and ate, walked and shopped. Enjoyed the festivities and the dancing (too much talking, and not enough dancing). Of course it wouldnt be an ecuadorean festival without the Queen...yep, the Queen of Corn.

Wow! She should wear that to the Crazy hat party tomorrow!! She may win! Dont want to miss, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Makeovers and moving

During the first week of June, I was house sitting for Jerri, and moving into my own little house. I would go to my place and do a little organizing, but then come back and did some projects at Jerri’s.

She is renting a house, and the decor, wasnt really her style. Another expat had painted big beautiful floral canvases, but Jerri had mentioned she really wanted something more beachy. I got the wheels turning, and decided I could “recycle” the canvases. I cut up an old bleach stained sheet, and painted the “new canvases” on a piece of cardboard. Once they were dry, I hot glued them on the exsisting canvases. When she moves, all she has to do is pull off the hot glue, and voila, the old artwork should be as good as new. (Make new frames, and she can still have these pieces)

I painted another one for the hallway, and a wolf for her room. She was soooo surprised, and happy to have a space more suited to her.

Another makeover I did awhile ago, was finally revealed when given to a little boy for his birthday, Wow was he excited! An expat made the horse, and I painted and varnished it.

Getting organized and settled at my new place, hung some decorations the other day, and feeling like home. (Of course, here I am house sitting until Friday)

The expats are having a joint June Birthday Party this Saturday, and the theme is crazy hat, so while I am house sitting, I am busy making my crazy stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Where did May go?

So hard to believe May is almost over, most of my month was spent house sitting, and boy am I glad that job is over!

If you have followed for some time, my first house/pet sitting job last year was for these animals, three dogs who insist on getting breakfast at unGodly hours, anywhere from 3:30-5:30 am! One can get them to go back to sleep for only so long, before you are awake and angry, so might as well get up and feed the little rat bastards. This year the cat was in on it. She was a menace, jumping on the kitchen counters and even on the dining room table one night when Jerri brought dinner over. ($15 a day seemed waaaay to little pay, that must be why the stocked me with so much wine!)

While I was there they had commissioned me to do a couple murals and to recover a loveseat, thank goodness I had some projects! I got started on the fishtank right away, and then poco y poco (bit by bit) did some other things, some asked for, and others...well gratis

before...and after

This is a wonderful open balcony area, and is used a LOT, so I did some extra things, the above paintng was one. The loveseat, before...with Perry and after I painted, varnished and recovered the cushions.

After the loveseat was so new and shiny, it really made the rest of the furniture up there look worn, a coat of honey colored varnish really did the trick, and Nancy and Mary came home to a brand new space!

I spruced up the stairwell with a vignette of painted sealife and some shells, and painted a mural in the Kitchen area.

Even while being frustrated with the animals, having the projects, the three weeks flew by, and I was on to other things. Had only been “home” at Jerri’s for two nights and got called to San Clemente for the weekend. First of June Jerri will go to the States, and I will back there taking care of her dog Dottie, then mid June other friends are going away for five days, whew! Then I am done...and need to find myself a new rental. All the while still doing projects, I have signs to finish, lamps to make and two murals plus hair stay tuned, the adventure continues!