Friday, September 22, 2017

Past projects

Going back thru my pictures, I realize there have been many projects I have Finished, but not shared with you. Working for Kimberly at The Cottages by the Sea, I finished the menu board at the Tiki Bar, and made coasters. (Thanks for the mouse pads Mom, everyone is gobsmacked)

Also did a sign for the manager's cottage and the vacant lot next door, it really is a nice place for guests to park their cars, but it needed a little...Priority

Mama's doghouse got a boost...

I finished a desk for a gringa in El Norte

Donated my time and talent to the San Clemente Surf Competition, and made plaques for each winner in a category.

A birthday present for one of the lifeguards, they all want them now...

And last, but not least...a sun catcher I made and sent home with my Mom, back in July.

Well, that clears up some space. Was downstairs painting in the studio this morning, before my hair client showed up, so...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Getting settled

Finally got things squared away, well, enough for photos. I will start with outside. The building is on the main street, avenido Quito Norte, it is no longer the malecon, as it veers away from the ocean north of el centro San Clemente. My entrance is on the side street. Which may be why I get such an awesome breeze. The landlord who stays in the front, lives nearby in Chone. Visits, several times a year.

Inside the rolling door (hence the Barn reference) I have an entry area, with my salon area behind the plant, and works in progress behind the curtain.

To the right inside the door, I have put two tables together, for a large craft area. Paint, sewing machine, and lots of craft items under the stairs.

And finishing the tour downstairs, is the kitchen...

There is a downstairs bathroom, and very small courtyard. The stairs are steep and narrow, but Perry mastered them first time, and no problems, as long as I watch, go slow, and sideways. Upstairs, I finished hanging some decorations, and made pillow covers yesterday.

Hung shelves in the bathroom...

I was up early the other day, and saw a bread man delivering, I wish he would come later than 6:30, but if that's what it takes. Catching a ride later to San Jacinto to the bank, and do some shopping, and one of my new neighbors, hair clients and new friend loaned me her bicycle, so I have wheels! Not so stranded.

I am enjoying the roosters and the quiet. And outdoor time, love being on the balcony all day. Neighbors have brought over some plant cuttings, so I am planting some pots. Need some trees, and this place will be an adorable beach cottage. So, stay tuned...the adventure continues in San Clemente.

Sunset from the balcony the other night.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

New chapter

There were many reasons I decided I needed to move, one being the noise of El Centro, and the other my need for privacy. Not only do all the children I have been friendly to come and visit on a daily basis, but my friends and neighbors all want to know about the status of Mike and my seperation. I needed to start fresh.

The "single ladies" living in San Clemente in the El Norte neighborhood, said there was a cute place for rent, I should look at. I saw instant potential, and now moving day has come and gone and I am getting settled. First is sooooo quiet!

Downstairs, on the main floor, is kitchen, dining, and big space I will use for hairstyling and my crafts. No pictures yet, still a work in progress. But upstairs is my living space. Very large balcony that has almost constant breeze and I can hear the ocean.

And facing the other in true Ecuadorean fashion, this apartment was fitted with five beds, so I brought two outside for couches.

Beautiful wood walls in the bedroom, really show off the collection of white shell art.

And finally hung the mosquito net we purchased last January...

Guest bedroom and two bathrooms, one upstairs, and one down. Power and water is included, unless I use too much, but I dont, so for $200 not too shabby. It IS a trek from town (still less than a mile) but a little tienda is two streets away. And trucks drive down everyday selling something, I bought oranges, pineapple and papaya from a truck yesterday ($3).

Perry is doing fine, he is happy where ever I am...meeting his new neighbors, and checking it all out.

I need some plants, and put a plea on Facebook, so will have some hand me downs here soon. More hair cutting clients this end of town, and have my first cut this morning. Projects in the works, making myself a sign, I decided to name it The Artist Barn, in spanish of course. (It kinda looks like a barn from outside) Painting furniture, I recently bought from Javier four chairs and an end table, and need to get the sewing machine out to make pillow covers for these new couches. So...Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

What's new?

I survived the noise of the August Festival, but, have decided to move out of Centro. Realized Christmas and New Years are right around the corner, and then in February is Carnival...yep, time to move. I have chosen an apartment in the town to the north, San Clemente, and since they have their annual festival in September, I will wait until its over, and move on the 8th. It is a bitter sweet decision to leave my beloved San Jacinto, but I have friends and clients in that neck of the woods, and a new chapter will do me good.

Last week Perry and I were house sitting, so a bunch of crazy ladies could go to Quito and Banos for a much needed vacation. I was watching three dogs and a cat! Made me realize just how easy Perry is to take care of!

This is Dallas, the Min Pin and Chloe some sort of terrier. Super loving when they want to be, but also VERY demanding...demanding breakfast at 5AM! The other dog, Senor Guapo, who can not be left alone, and I had to take everywhere I went...was a street dog, but I guess not all street dogs are as easy as Perry.

I finished another paint project before I left for pet sitting, and now just need to make a cushion. I also had a minor catasrophe when the metal fittings for my bed rusted completly, but I got to looking at the bits and pieces and decided I could make a bench. Need to finish painting it, and varnish and Voila, a bench to match my chair. Will be nice in my new apartment.

While house sitting I finished a sign for a friend Patricia, and also a birthday gift for one of the ladies I was sitting for.

I will see Mike today, he has been painting and got back into his clay recently. Im sure he is glad the town has quieted down too. His lease is up in December, and will also look to move out of Centro. We did it, enjoyed it, now time to change. So, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Friday, August 18, 2017

August festival in San Jacinto

My little town has been a buzz of activity getting ready for the annual festival. Painting projects on street curbs, houses and lots of mad dashes to get construction projects finished. At my end of the street the old lighthouse was getting a facelift, it was two weeks of cement mixer right outside starting at 7am! But the finished product turned out very nice.

Here is what it used to be.

Then they started busting up rocks, and adding cement...

At first I thought they were adding stairs down to the ocean, and thought...thats not a good idea, but no.

Then they filled in the "moat" for what I thought was going to be planters, but no...

There are colored lights in the "waves" and they really made the background so they can have performances on the stage and not get splashed from high tide. They used this stage on Saturday night for their "night of culture" which turned out to be Karaoke! Great! Right outside my door!

Sunday was another boat parade, and in town was a food festival with games, like this one a "de-cobbing corn" race. (Im sure there is a real word, just could NOT think of it, schucking?)

By Monday I had had enough, and went to San Clemente for a couple nights. Wednesday night there was one last hooray in town and they partied and danced til the wee hours of the morning. So glad everyone had a good time, but made me realize... living in town, well is a little noisy. So, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Painting, painting and more painting

While my Mom was here visiting I finished up a project for Cynthia's jungle resort, getting paid for that, well made me want to finish some more projects!

Another project I have almost finished is a toy boat. I had ordered these boats as gifts for the children, but when they arrived bigger and more expensive than I had planned, I had to switch gears, so custom paint job it is.

And the other side

I also was commissioned to paint some murals at The Cottages by the Sea. They recently installed a new bar, and needed a menu board and something pretty to look at.

Before the paint job. And a couple other signs sprinkled around...

Fun stuff, as the town gears up for the big August festival, I will get some kids to help me do murals around town, so...stay tuned, the adventure continues!