Saturday, November 11, 2017

This week's paid work

On Sunday I went and cut three young boys hair, while there, the mother asked if I would be up for a painting challange. I said sure, and she emailed me the project. The funny thing was just that morning I had searched and saved a very similar idea, and so was very eager to play. Her wish, was for me to replicate the paint treatment after she had the board routered.

What her routered board looked like when I got it on Wednesday afternoon.

Work in progress...

Finished project was very well recieved, and will be the focus in an office being filmed by House Hunters International this week. When she brought me this fish, she also brought me two others and asked if I could work some magic (again, in like 24hrs) I said sure, because it is always nice to be working on something else while you are waiting for paint to dry. We agreed on $100, and I set to work.

Their business logo...

And during...

And added a little black to the trees and gave the water more depth on the other, Lynn and I were very happy with the results.

Wow! That was kind of a rush, but I made it in good time, she picked them up at 3:30 on Thursday, before the 5pm deadline. The other project I started and finished this week, was a house sign commissioned by some new comers. They named their house Casa Moringa, after the miracle plant Moringa, they gave me artistic license, and after thinking about it decided to look up what the leaf looked like.

Ok, I can work with that! I put little moringa leaves all over the weathered chunk of wood, in all colors and then painted the name over the top. Coat of varnish, and a hanger and it is ready for pick up. Welcome to the neighborhood friends!

Well, as if that wasnt enough! I got the logo painted on the wall in the salon. Seeing it in pictures, I see some tweaking is needed, but I am pleased! Gosh, what to do next week? So...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Me and Mr. P

Facebook reminded me this morning that it was on this day a year ago, Mike and I tried to bring Perry home into our family. He was hesitant and didnt want to come inside the patio at first, and certainly wasnt comfortable in the house...but he did eventually join the family and what a year he has had!

He got taken in the car, got fixed and set up on parasite treatments, and soon he was gaining weight.

Got his first toy...

And moved to another town! Where he has many new things to bark at, new neighbors and even his own room when he wants!

What a goof ball, and a blessing! After the year I have had, not sure who rescued who! He is the best dog I have ever had, and so...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Stairs, Salon and Showroom

After finishing the furniture project, I decided I needed to concentrate on finishing somethings around the house, first was getting my salon prettied up. I realized the back courtyard area was a perfect space, bright light and not too breezy.

I also found a "logo" that I will paint on the wall, and use as my business flyer on Facebook

Since I no longer have my salon in the furniture showroom, it has turned into a cute little place too. Had a new client this morning from Crucita, and she really ooohed and awwwed.

And in other news, found on Facebook, kids doing art projects around Manabi sprucing up their neighborhoods. Love these stairs!

Well, break time is over, should get busy. Overcast today, so I could go paint that logo, but I also have a new bench to paint...hmmm what to do? So, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Keeping busy

To be honost I have been having some depression lately, and keeping busy is what gets me thru the day without too many Ecuador dream life isnt quite turning out like I had envisioned, but everyday is a chance to add beauty to my surroundings, and so I will.

Chairs I have been working on for the past several weeks, thought I had them sold, but the sale fell thru. So I listed them on my Facebook Furniture page, and will enjoy them in the mean time.

They do His and Her chairs here, and one is slightly larger than the other. Custom cushions I made, and a side table I painted to go with the set. I hope to get $300.

Also this week, as I had the making cushions thing down pat, I finally got a cover made for my banquette seating. My friend in the jungle Cynthia had given me this fabric years ago, and Perry forced the need...

I had to move, before he tore up the cushion, funny dog. While I was at it, I decided the chairs that live here could use a makeover. Not mine, but the landlord has to admit they look better.

And finished product...mucho mejor! (Much better)

New chapters can be scary and overwhelming, sometimes we all just need a new coat of paint...

So stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

House Fires and Furniture

What a week, and it's only Wednesday...on Sunday while some of us were at The Cottages for a couple eight year olds birthday pool party, one of the neighbors in El Norte had a house fire. Something sparked at the post, and his little bamboo house went up quickly. It spread to a vacant lot across the street, but the tienda next door was saved thanks to the Volunteer firemen and neighbors quick action.

We learned later in the evening, the house belonged to one of our surfer friends. He lost his school books and laptop, not to mention all his personal items. The Cottages by the Sea quickly sprang into action going thru their extra/lost and found pile and put a plea on Facebook for household items. We were able to give Gabriel a used laptop/notebook, mattress including sheets and towels and just to rebuild. I saw him going to class this morning, as I waited for the breadman, and even tho he didnt have books or a backpack, he was happy for the diversion.

I Got the paint and varnish done on three of the four chairs, and cushions made for one today. The set with a medium sized end table will sell for $400. A new hair cut client who came the other day was in love with them, so I know if I get more I can sell them.

A beautiful sunset walk the other night coming home from the pool. And San Clemente's new sign, San Jacinto is getting their area ready, so they will have their new sign soon.

Much still to do, more cushions to sew, and another chair to paint and varnish, not to mention get my salon area finished. So...stay tuned, the adventure continues.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Cake, Car accidents and Corn Princesses

Even before I moved here, I was looking forward to buying things from the truck problem I couldnt understand what they were selling! Now, almost four years in, I know ALOT more spanish, and only every once in awhile can I not understand the man on the speaker. Well, last night the cake truck came thru, she yells " torte, torte, torte, chocolate torte" when the truck pulled up they had a large glass display case in the pickup bed and they were asking $1.50, I bought two, because extra cake is always nice...and this is what I got!

Two full cakes! Very moist and delicious with just the right amount of the marshmallow chantilly frosting. I posted on the Facebook residents page, and got a comment from a neighbor, they have Vanilla too! Well, next time.

Had quite an exciting afternoon the other day. It came to my attention, that some of our local surfers had been in a bad car accident. Patricia who has a truck, and is always helping aided in getting the boys to the clinic, and after we found out everyone was alive and well, went to get the car off the beach. Tide was coming in, and they didnt want it left, even though, Im sure it is totaled. I found it parked by my house later...7 young men, driving too fast on the beach, rolled and thank God it wasnt worse.

Tetanus shots and some bandages, Im so surprised there were no broken bones or stitches. Too much excitment...

I found this on Facebook, some very pretty costumes from the Charapoto festival parade. Charapoto is our farm community, and so harvest is always a big theme for the festival.

And some dancers in a parade in Bahia this past weekend.

So, while California is fighting wild fires, and the east is bracing for another hurricane, life in sunny little Ecuador goes on. Celebrating the bounties and praying our young stay safe. One day at a time, so stay tuned...the adventure continues!