Monday, May 22, 2017

It's been a while

I realized the other day it has been awhile since my last post. Here are some things that have been going on. The river is still spewing forth all sorts of flotsam and jetsam, pictures taken infront of the old beach house.

Tide must have been high, since all the boats are sqwished in at the end of the road. And look at those sloppy frigates! So beautiful in the air, but...

The other night I turned on the light on the patio, and found this guy hiding inside.

And yesterday, town had many kids playing in the sunshine, with a kite (cometa) and marbles (bolitas), hide and seek is also a favorite

And later...

I definitely need to find some boards just for them, as they can really dwindle one's stash! I may also need to make a childs paint kit, as they arent great about washing brushes between colors. Oh well, paint is cheap!

so, even tho I have not written, y'all know life goes on. Always something in the works, another project to work on, and beach walks to scavange more goodies. This is the only life you have, you better LIVE it! So, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Update on Perry

In the life of an abandoned street dog six months makes all the difference. We adopted Perry into our family back in November, and what a change...

This was taken right before we adopted him, especially pitiful laying in the gutter... and now he has what I'm sure is his very first toy...a clean bill of health and sleeps in a bed!

He has a couple friends that come to play with him...

Sweet loving chihuahua siblings, well not really sweet or loving to HIM, but tolerate him none the less, here Shadrach "cuddling".

Perry may be well adjusted, but he IS still a wild animal, here I caught him getting in the trash. He was letting me know, the stale crackers I threw away, were still quite edible...

He really is a good boy. Still loves to get crazy on a beach walk, and will do almost anything for fresh (or stale) bread. What a goofball!

He has come a long is another old picture, what a sweet timid little guy, when he was afraid of the tile floor.

Dogs are good people, and like people, give them a little extra attention, and you just might get a friend for life...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Busy week

Well, the word is out...Gringa Peggy will go to your birthday party, if you know her. I was invited to two this weekend, and am now well stocked with carmelos. Every kid, or gringa, gets a goodie bag, not to mention all the snacks and dinner served, parties arent cheap no matter where you live. Pictures, alas are being held hostage on my new phone, so stay tuned.

I was given half an old pool lounger cushion, and have been making chair pads. I also found out cheap twin mattresses are $20 in Charapoto, that could make quite a number of cushions.

And the other chair, paint finished, and seat cushion, I do plan on varnishing both of these chairs, probably in the next few days, I try to save and do several pieces at once. These "manufactured" chairs are very popular, or at least they were back 20 years or so ago. Javier who builds for us, also scavenges, and comes up with things.

Also note the side table with the decoupage paper napkin top, painted and varnished. Finally found out the pedestal is from an old pool table. Chevre! (Cool)

Also commissioned from Javier, finally completed, delivered and painted this week. Very cool bamboo planters. They are formed around what appear to be paint cans, and buckets, so cool! Recycling!!

The kids came over this morning and wanted to paint, so I had them scavange some boards, and gave them the idea that Dia de la Madre was next week. I offered suggestions of sun, flowers and butterflies, and let them play. Towards the end I helped even out lop sided hearts, and touched up letters, we put them in the sun to dry and made hangers from twine. I was just getting things cleaned up and Alanis returned with fresh ceviche for lunch her Abuela had made. Mi gusta!

Another week, and month gone! Geez I hardly know May is here...Another beautiful day, Perry and I heading out for an early morning low tide beach walk. What a blessing. I am blessed to have such a life, get to paint cool stuff, and with cool kids. Be part of this fun family friendly community, being healthy and stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Friday, April 28, 2017

More painting projects

So last time I started to show you the new furniture. But I only showed you the first chair, then there was a Small table...oh yeah, it had one green leg...

And a desk...of sorts

Another pair of end tables that I am decoupage-ing paper napkins on the top (stay tuned)

Misc in progress...

And another project for Pepito's (of Blue Tent restaurant) granddaughter Fergie, the trick is it was outside since the earthquake, and has been badly warped. The drawers dont fit, I bought a plane from Joffre today, and will work on it tomorrow. May need to make another dresser for these drawers...

I'm getting paid in dinner for this. Want to have it done for when they get to move into their new house.

Speaking of new houses, I painted in Eduardo's new house today. Got to see exactly what one got with a free house to replace the earthquake damaged one.

Windows, roof, doors, sink, small tiled counter, tile shower stall, toilet and cement floor? No electric, no water. They (Ecuador) would not build you a house unless you had a cistern, but they didn't make you have a pump or plumbed to the house. So yes, many people do not have running water...or power in their "new" homes. A basic water pump is $145 and plumbing is cheap, maybe $50 same with electric, for as little as $50 one could have at least ceiling lights and fridge, whole house wired for not much more. There just is no extra. (Sorry, soapbox put away) back to Eduardo's house, oh yeah I expected skim coat walls, not the rough cinder block...oh well, it'll brighten his days.

I will go back in the next week and do a bit more. Add words around the fruit in the kitchen, and something in the bathroom.

Saw this on Facebook, how awesome! A wedding in the space I've painted, looks great in pictures, dont you think? I am supposed to return to do another panel one of these days. AND have two sign projects to get started on, so...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Our budding business

The young man who helped us move, told us he could build furniture, so when the river started spewing forth all sorts of good wood, Mike and Javier went scavenging. They borrowed a tricyclo and came home with a bounty!

Javier 's first the making

Mike checking on progress, Javier and his brother Milton and their neice.

And the first chair finished and delivered...

As I was painting it, We found a board that fit, now it has its own side table.

It is quite a piece, a bit heavy and not all together comfortable, but his first attempt. We gave him $10 for making it, and if it sells we will give him the rest. (Would probably price it at $35)

They dont quite understand making lots of things for inventory. Here when someone wants something they ask for it, unlike in the States where one doesnt KNOW they want something until they see we are trying to teach them, at the moment it goes like this " you make it, and I may buy it".

Its giving us projects to paint on, and thats stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

When it rains...

We have been watching our inland area flood by the fattening river for months now, also watching horrible flooding in Columbia and Peru. We have to remind ourselves, that in the States people live in flood plains all the time, keep returning to their damaged homes year after year after the flood waters recede. It is no different here. People have land, and they live there, natural disasters come and go, we cant live life by the "what if's".

Here is school that has been turned into a shelter for families evacuated. Kids are on "winter break" so many schools are being used.

I love this one, making the best of it! Our Ecuadorean neighbors keep teaching us that. Shit happens, keep your chin up.

Our exiting president Rafeal Correa visiting the affected areas. He is indeed a special man. I cant imagine Trump doing this...

As close as Charapoto has flooded. Our friends Nexar and family live there, but are in no flooding danger.

Wherever one lives there are natural disasters, sometimes you have warning, other times you dont. We can make smart decisions, but in the end who's really in control? Make yourself crazy worrying or move on? We choose to keep it positive, so stay tuned...the adventure continues!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

We have a New President

General elections were held in Ecuador on 19 February 2017 alongside a referendum on tax havens.[1] Voters elected a new President and National Assembly. Incumbent President Rafael Correa of the PAIS Alliance was not eligible for re-election, having served two terms. In the first round of the presidential elections, PAIS Alliance candidate LenĂ­n Moreno received 39% of the vote. Although he was more than 10% ahead of his nearest rival, Guillermo Lasso of the Creating Opportunities party, Moreno was just short of the 40% threshold required to avoid a run-off. As a result a second round was held on 2 April.[2] Based upon 99.05% of the vote counted, the National Electoral Council stated Lenin Moreno had received 51.16% of votes to Guillermo Lasso's 48.84%. (wikipedia)

So, roughly half the country is happy, and the other half is not...I have confidence that Lenin Moreno will continue in the good footsteps of Rafael Correa and bring Ecuador more health, wealth and happiness. He will take office next month, and I wish him well. Stay tuned, the adventure continues...

Monday, April 3, 2017

Screened porch, Ecuador style

There are alot of interesting things about this apartment, one of them was 'what were we going to do with the huge opening'? For all intents and purposes this "apartment" is a garage, and when the door was rolled up, half our living room was open to the street.

I turned to Pinterest as I often do when I need to research something visual, and after much perusing and thought I came up with the perfect plan. Treat it as a porch to screen, and here we screen with security bars first, then we can actually add screen to keep the bugs out.

That meant a trip to visit our welder friend Rene. It took several weeks to hook up with him, (he is so polite he wouldnt bother us if the roll up door was half way) but after the measuring happened it was one short week until...

I chose a sliding door option, probably more expensive, but something we can and will take to another residence when we move. The security bars have a padlock and we can lock from inside or outside. Now we dont need to roll down the door when we go beach walk, or to the store, locking the bars is enough. We also can be in the bedroom or the garden, and not worry some bad child is going to climb over the fence. The dogs are also secure, no more immediatly running into the street when the roll up goes up, we can keep them behind the bars.

Our landlord showed up the day the bars were going in. Rodolfo Delgado.

"Filete" Jose putting his two centavos in...what a character!

Not the best picture, but you can see a couple plants and some seating and we are on our way to a cozy screened porch, Ecuador style. We need an outlet for a lamp and the music speaker and we can open the door so the porch party can spill onto the sidewalk. So many things in the works, so as always...stay tuned, the adventure continues!