Monday, March 19, 2018

First Annual Art and Craft Show

The day for the show finally arrived, I had been getting inventory ready for about three weeks, knowing the month of March was going to fly by. I had made arrangments to share a taxi truck with a lady Kerry who lives in San Jacinto, but as time passed and no truck, she chose to find another way. My truck DID finally arrive, an HOUR LATE...

the truck was smaller than expected, and I couldnt fit a couple of painted tables, but I took quite a bit, and some of Mike’s art too. After a bit of a frazzled morning, I got myself set up and was able to cool off. The show was held south in Crucita, on top of the hill where they do hang gliding, a wonderful restaurant La Loma, offered the use of their grassy area and served lunch specials to the artists and shoppers.

Many people from San Clemente and San Jacinto came to browse, shop and support. A bus of people came from Manta and another from Santa Marianita just south of Manta. Had another artist from San clemente, me and Kerry, the others were from Crucita. Maybe a dozen artists total...

Tagua jewelry, “panama” hats, lots of art, abstract, whimiscal, real ART, painted palm fronds, shell mirrors, wood burning, some dolls, a real mix. I sold about $100 for Mike and another $100 for me after the cost of taxis and table rental. None of the painted furniture sold, only because people came together and didnt necessarily have transport. I made and gave out business cards, so may get some calls or emails in the future.

A very good turn out, and I think many of the artists did well. Moving forward I will most likely focus on custom jobs, and not have so much “inventory”, but do know what sells best and will participate again next year. There is talk of a Christmas fair too. Around 3pm people started packing up, the crowds had dwindled, but from 10-3 was much traffic.

Beautiful area, gorgeous day, good food and even had some entertainment. All in all a WONDERFUL experience. So...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Gringo Karaoke

Karaoke is big fun here, the expats do it, and the ecuadoreans do it...and almost never is it good! Pam and Bonnie have a machine, and lots of music downloaded to the system, I had been invited to Karaoke at their house one evening, and it WAS fun. Most of the people there that night wanted to have it in a public space, so more people could participate...hence the First ever Gringo Karaoke at Bamboo y Ceibu the popular pizza place in San Clemente centro.

The now infamous “Men’s Choir”...the night this took place it had poured rain, and we lost power, but the tried and true went out anyway since the restaurant had a generator. (Heard the geni was a little loud, and distracting from the singers, but everyone had a great time.)

So, obviously, this eve was around Christmas, the next one was right before the Carnavale parade, and was held at Meiers. Another round of shenanigans, and much fun had by all...maybe too much by some

On this night there was even dancing...sorry I missed that (not). Karaoke is not my thing, but it turns out to be fun for many...and isnt that what life is all about?

Just saw another Karaoke night is being, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Friday, February 16, 2018

More Carnaval shenanigans

After the parade when I returned home to San Clemente I realized it was a crazy zoo. The neighbors who rented the house behind me had no power, so they hooked up the loudest generator in all the land, and finally at two oclock Saturday morning I had to go over and say...”enserio? Es muy bravo en mi dormatorio” so they turned it off. There were many people here, partying and having a good time, dancing in centro and beach parties, cars parked everywhere. I stayed in the weekend, but ventured back to San Jacinto for Monday night dancing.

The weather was actually wonderful, the beach goers had three days of sun, and the night time partiers didnt have rain til the wee hours. I spent the night at friend Jerri’s house, and the next day Tuesday, the finale of Carnavale we sat on the porch and watched...

we watched at least one tour bus and two trucks get stuck in the mud. The paved street was dry, but the dirt and sand “parking area” never did dry out. Lots of people stayed thru Tuesday, probably because the sun was shining. Since people were still in SJ, I figured that meant my loud neighbors were still in SC, so I decided to stay another night at Jerri’s...that turned out to be the wrong plan

This was the “after party” put on and attended by all the people who worked so hard over the past four or five days. Someone had said the ordinance stated they could play music til 3am...well, these crazy people didnt get the memo and it was after 5AM when the music finally stopped. I am glad they had such a good time, but a nap was certianly in my plans for Wednesday.

Low tide was around 10am, so Mr. P and I walked home, showered, made a snack and settled into a lazy tv day. Carnavale 2018 was SUCH a good time! dancing in the street with my beloved San Jacinto neighbors and friends, introducing Jerri to the people (we ate at “Blue Tent”) and enjoying our little town!

Now that the crowds have left, I have some houses to look at for stay tuned, the adventure continues!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

San Jacinto Parade

Pam and Bonnie live the closest to the parade starting point, so I asked if we couldnt meet there and decorate before hand. They said sure, and we met up at 5pm to pretty up our bikes, trikes and motos.

We had some adult beverages to get us in “party mode” and the decorations went a long way. Nancy, Mary and dog Guapo, Mike and Laqueta. (Glad I made more tho, as we had Keith and Becky show up)

In a very cool, barely finished in and cart! Son Hunter is visiting, and came along to take over if Keith got tired, but I must say, everyone did well.

It was a bit of a cluster...but as it got going, my mood changed from “what have I gotten us, how can we do better next time?” Mostly the problem was we were following the highschool marching band, and well, two legs go slower than motors...

behind us was Casa Mar and their childrens theater group, who made huge puppets? And then we had many vehicles with Want to be Queens, (they were to vote on the Queen at the end of the parade.)

The young ladies had some Carnivale type costumes, and it was wonderfully rain free, we did encounter some muddy patches along the parade route, but thankfully it was mostly dry.

Other participants, showing their town pride. It was a rather short parade, but well recieved. As we passed the boat in Centro, they announced us as the Gringos and Gringitas, I was pulling up the rear on the back of Jerri’s scooter, and really felt like the queen of the gringas.

Towards the end of the parade, as we drove past Jerri’s house, we opted to jump out, had a beverage, then went to town to Marcos for dinner. So many locals came up to us and thanked us for participating, and I know they were happy we had such a good time. We WILL do another parade, but maybe will get a truck, or flat bed. Teetering on two wheels at such a slow pace was tricky. The people who made it all possible...

The opening parade was a success, now bring on the music and dancing, beach goers and family fun! Carnivale 2018 has started, Viva San Jacinto! Stay tuned...the adventure continues!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Jobs, big and small

After several big jobs were finished, I got to work on some smaller things I had been commissioned to do. It felt good to get some of these off the books, and was fun to work at home, on my schedule.

Patricia had asked for a small shelf for her kitchen, just big enough for a couple colored bottles on a chunk of white wall between her cabinets. After It was finished, she asked if I couldnt put “tremblor wires” so things wouldnt fall off during a shaker, a couple holes and some fishing line did the trick. My payment was a couple bottles of wine.

Another friend asked if I had ever made a floor lamp, funny you should ask, because I had been wanting to make lamps...first I tried my hand at making a lamp shade, needs some tweaking, but not bad for first attempt. (Used a cotton shirt)

Did not use the lamp shade, went another direction, and here is the final product. She was very happy with the beach vibe, recycled aspect and the price...$25

Friends Nancy and Mary recently moved into a new place, and I told them their christmas present would be something for the new house, after they moved, they told me they needed a key holder, so...

And then Nancy asked if I knew how to macrame...she had a spider plant that needed to hang, so I got started on that. Turns out, I DO know how to macrame (thanks Pinterest and Youtube).

It cost me all of two dollars to make, so I gave it as a house warming gift. But they do have a request for a plant stand, and I will recover and paint a loveseat they have for payment.

Meier who owns the local watering hole, had a baby with his ecuadorean wife in Dec, and another expat asked if I wouldnt make a name sign, it took a bit to get the name and birthdate, but after some thought I knew exactly what I would paint.

Meier is German, so the VW fit, and the license plate is little Torstens date of birth. Cute, if I do say so myself, and again getting paid in wine...

And a couple of gifts I was able to get finished, one for the expat who has started a salad dressing and bread making business...

and a birthday present for the Texan friend Laqueta, it seemed rather appropriate for them, and she loved it!

Well, that looks like it, yeah...Ive been busy. Tonight is the Parade, we awoke to dry roads (for a change) so we are keeping our fingers crossed we wont get rained out. So! Stay tuned, the adventure continues!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Recent Happenings

We had some killer high tides last week, the Malecon looked like a war zone with all the debris kicked up over the rocks. Mike sent me these pics of our old beach glad I dont have to contend with that anymore. (Tho I did love that house)

And one of the Malecon in San Alejo

We also had a Tsunami warning and mock evacuation, which I learned turned into a protest. The evacuation route we have, goes thru private land, and is not really, well...appropriate, so the protest brought it to the forefront and the “mayor” of the canton said he will investigate and within 30 days we will have a better route.

they blocked traffic and would not let even the buses thru, whatever it takes!

We also have a new school, combined Jr and Sr high and they had an inauguration with quite a spread. They will start having school there after the vacation season is over. (think summer break)

The rainy season has officially started with lots of night time showers, and morning muddy roads. Much construction and sprucing up of properties for the upcoming Carnivale. The Parade is on thursday, so stay tuned...the adventure continues!!