Monday, March 13, 2017

Mike the Artist

Have you ever known someone who is just good at everything? Dont you hate those people? Well, my husband Mike is one of those, he started painting, and quickly surpassed me! His talent is amazing! (He does remind me that he took art classes all thru highschool, but geez...does he have to be so good?!)

He did these circles for a long time, then I prompted him to try something else. And wouldnt you know he successfully painted more.

So, after he mastered circles, suns, and waves...he started in on flowers. Here are the beautiful roses he painted that hang in our bedroom.

THEN...he decided to try his hand at sealife. Wouldnt you know, he nailed it! I am so jealous! He just has the gift (thankfully he shares it with me.)

He also made a table with scrap wood, a coat of varnish and everything looks pretty. Many ideas floating in his brain after making this, just need tools.

He also started puttering with me outside on the patio and helped make it into more of an outdoor room. Gave a potted bougainvillea and morning glory a place to climb, and made us a corner seating area. Mi gusta!

So there you have it, my husband the artist! He's painting sticks now, going to show me up AGAIN! As always, stay tuned, the adventure continues...

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