Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Life is different here

Something that comes up more and more often, is how different it is here than in The States. Slower, less complicated, less stressful. Not so many rules and regulations, one of those surfaced on Facebook recently and I had to share. This is how dog neutering happens here on the coast.

The vet getting things ready (this is the dog owners home, not an office)

Operating table

All the finest equipment, like the water bottles tied to the pups legs...

Almost done

She did great, also to note, the IV stand, is for the pups owners microphone. (They sing Karaoke)

And Ta da! Sunning her stitches the next day. No problem! The prices have gone up, the cost was maybe $ that's different.

In order to finish our art projects for the Festival coming up, we needed help gathering wood. So we got the idea to enlist our urchins.

We offered Bamderlay and his brother David .25 cents each for a filled bag, and they jumped on the task!

They came back several days in a row wanting another job. Now I know how to get the beach cleaned up.

Another thing we don't do often is ride in cars. Our probability of being killed or hurt in an automobile accident are significantly reduced. Stay safe, ride a bike...

Another thing we notice is people being friendly. While sitting at Nexars for coffee and bread the other morning, a man asked where Nexar bought his coffee, and without hesitation, Nexar headed off to the store to buy the man some. People also drive up and without getting out of their car, buy bread. Try pulling up to the curb at Starbucks and getting served.

Here Joffre is shopping for his mom up on the balcony. 

Life is different here, and that is precisely why we love, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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