Saturday, November 19, 2016

Perry the perrito

Well our new addition, Perry is doing great. I took him down to the Cottages, where a vet is staying, he gave him three days of oral medicine, then a three day round of under the skin injection medicine. Let me say the oral medications were much easier to give, I'll have to have Mike help me with the other injection today. Perry also needs a bath! He, as many bigger dogs, is oily, it has been overcast so I haven't wanted to get him wet, but he must have one! The vet says he is less than a year, and in fairly good shape, but one thing at a time.

He follows well on a walk, I can't see him being leash trained, he really hated being pulled, but at least he doesn't mind things around his neck. While I was at the vet, Mike turned the crockpot on and made home made dogfood. We have been wanting to do it since we moved, another mouth to feed was the right push. 

2 lbs lean ground beef
3 potatoes diced
3 carrots diced
3 eggs
1 cup rice
3 cup water

It was a HUGE success! Everyone loved it, only problem was Veronica couldn't digest the diced potatoes or carrots, if she would have chewed her food, instead of SCARFED it...but she IS a wild animal, time Mike says he will blend the veggies. It cost $6 for the meat, and veggies are so cheap, of course Perry ate it all within 3 days, no need to freeze. Forgot how much big dogs eat!

Mike would like to make a fish one, and that too is cheap, 2 lbs filleted for $5, free from the fishermen if we wanted to clean it ourselves. (Leonor and I decided to have a fish cleaning and cooking class at CasaMar, I should schedule it) Shadrach is allergic to chicken, so if we made a chicken one he couldn't eat it, but skies the limit!

He is still such a lover, doesn't want to come in the house much, but knows how to get out and back in our yard after potty, still can't believe he is house/patio trained! He snuck thru the doggie door the other day when he felt he hadn't got enough food, but hasn't bothered with the trashcans, he is pretty amazing. He starts vaccines on Sunday, and we will discuss and schedule having him fixed. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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