Sunday, October 23, 2016

Another Maestro

We are truly blessed to have such talented people working with us. As y'all may know, Mike and I are dreamers...we rarely have found people who can make our dreams into reality, until we moved to Ecuador!

Last year our first encounter with the local welder, Rene was when I wanted to make the driftwood Christmas tree. We met with him, gave him our sketch, and within one day had our wish realized. Again it happened with the grill we asked him to fabricate, little did we know then that it would become Mike's kiln...

Recently our quest for Rene was more Christmas trees, smaller this time....indeed he brought us what we asked for, but also something he made he thought we might like, and we did! 

I will decorate it somehow, needs a topper for sure, and maybe paint, but super cute!

And a sneak peek at the smaller versions of last years tree.

They also will get decorations, and toppers, and be sold at the Art Event coming up in Nov.

BUT the real reason for the post...drum roll!!! We asked Rene for a cart to use on the beach for scavenging. We again, sketched a picture, and he measured the gate for size restrictions, and ....

OMG!! Did he not do the BEST JOB!! Check it out! The handle has a pin that can make it stand, or remove the pin and it pulls. And the recycling of the ironing board is simply genius! We could not be happier with his rendition of our vision, now if the lake would just dry up, so we can get out!

The cart only cost us $50 and was done within a couple days. Rene is truly a maestro, and a pleasure to know, this won't be the last you see of his work. So, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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