Thursday, October 20, 2016

Pizza de Nexar

Ever since our friendship with Nexar the bread man began we have toyed with the idea of buying dough from him. He IS the maestro, why should I struggle, when he makes the best? The other day when we were having coffee with him, Mike told him he used to make pizza, and would Nexar be interested in making pizza in his bread oven? Nexar got really excited, and the wheels started turning, we decided we needed a trial run, so he asked us to come back at 2pm.

We went home, made sauce, thawed the pepperoni, shredded cheese and charged the camera. When we arrived, Nexar had the dough making table ready, but Mike realized it had been too long since he made pizza, so Nexar and his wife Maria conferred and made a dough for the crust.

Here Nexar is telling Mike to take over to make the pizza crust

Mike's pizza crust...

And...the maestro! Haha, we just let Nexar do it! Many laughs were had at this point.

Time to dress them. We did two large pizzas, we stayed simple and did vegetarian sauce, topped with pepperoni and mozzarella/Parmesan cheese blend.

Into the oven they go...and we wait

While we waited, Nexar and Maria continued to do their afternoon chores, we sat and watched our town.

Finally done!! It turned out very good, was tasty and not bad for a trial run. We gave some pieces away to get feedback, and when we go for breakfast this morning we will see if he wants to do it again for sale this weekend.

So...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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