Saturday, October 15, 2016

Rebuilding has begun

All week we have been trying to get to Rene's to talk with him about a welding project, yesterday we made it. While we were walking thru the neighborhood we were very happy to see numerous houses being built! We got confirmation, that these new houses were indeed coming from the municipality, help from the earthquake, rebuilding in just 5 months, not bad...

This, the first one I saw, almost finished.

This is our friends the Romero's property. As we walked by we saw lots on construction materials, so walked over to talk, and found they were getting a new house built. 

Another lot in this same neighborhood, getting ready for building.

Another new one, up near Martha's restaurant and the main road E15

And ANOTHER one! It's such a good feeling to know that in just a little while, these people will be in a better house than they had before. I better get busy painting more "Bless this House" signs!

Because most of the demolition has taken place, the tent city has dwindled. These people either don't have land to put their tent, or else maybe they don't have leveled, flat ground, but most of the tents have been taken to the people's property.

Another house recently leveled...

A sign across from Fernando Father Fishermen's house. I saw they have construction going on too, fixing the walls inside the existing house, but maybe getting a new one too...wait and see

So good to see our friends and neighbors getting much deserved help. We indeed talked with our Welder, he will deliver his finished products today, I'm sure. We also stopped at Martha's restaurant and got ceviche to go, as it was only 10 am when we were there. Also bought a papaya at the fruit stand on E15.

These tiles are 12x12" and this papaya was $1

Another beautiful day, morning low tide, fresh bread, egg delivery man, fishermen having fun outside doing nets and I get to play with arts and crafts all day. Can't wait to see the things Rene the welder is stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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