Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mike and Fernando's Big Adventure

Our friend at CasaMar, Fernando is really the one who encouraged Mike to try his hand at clay. Whenever they are together they talk about clay, what has been done, what to try and often La Pila comes up, the town where most of the statue and figurines are made. Recently Fernando asked Mike if he would want to go to La Pila and see how they work? Are you kidding? He couldn't wait!! Well, Saturday Fernando came by to discuss the Art Event and they decided Sunday they would go. I begged out and stayed home to do laundry and putter, and knew the two of them would have a wonderful time.

Interesting statues in the town. Mike found out some very interesting stuff from Fernando as they wandered around talking. Fernando is from Quito, and speaks very good English, but Mike did say he understood much of what the Spanish speakers were saying, without needing Fernando to translate.

Looks like these things are hand made, where much of what he saw were made in molds. Here was one of Mike's favorite things...

The walk in Kiln! He took pictures of the gas line and hose configuration, he really wants one someday.

Fernando knew someone who had a workshop, and they recieved VIP treatment, because it was Sunday many of the artisans were not on premises, but it was fun to poke around. Mike learned the molds are made with Gesso, different from the clay he collects on the beach...but also readily available for purchase.

Mike learned that many of the statues they make are not one piece, but glued together...

Elephants awaiting their trunks. Here is a good place to say...elephants? In Ecuador? Porque? If the artisans would just make their own things, rather than churn out molded things that don't make sense...the name La Pila might be bigger on the map, who knows.

And Nubian ladies awaiting paint. So much to see, learn and think about. I know he's been processing all the information he gleaned, and making plans for future things.

I didn't get the whole story, but apparently La Pila is also known for its magical water. I'll have to ask Fernando. I'm sure it won't be the last adventure those two go on...Mike treated for lunch, bought a couple trinkets and they had some good time with the locals.  What a day! Thank you Fernando, Mike really enjoyed it!

We have info on the finalized dates of the Art Event, November 3-6 it falls on the holiday (day of the deceased) so should be a big tourist crowd in town. That means I need to get busy!!  So, with that, on with the day! Stay tuned, the adventure continues!!

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