Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday, already?

Another week has come and gone, and with it, a whole entire month too! September was a blur! A blur of painted driftwood signs and clay creations, not necessarily a bad thing, but time flies!

Here are the finished signs I was commissioned to paint for The Cottages. Numbered signs for each suite, that are changeable depending on if the guest wants to be disturbed or not. Color coded so other guests can see at a quick glance who might want to be invited, to say a pool party, or card game. Tranquilo= do not disturb and Fiesta= well means, ready to mingle

The Cottages also have a new washer and dryer for guests to use, and an outdoor restroom.

Another one, for the pool area...

One more is on the way, a vacancy sign to hang out front, and a smoking section sign didn't get pictured. It's a chunk of wood that sits on a table, and the smokers will know to congregate there. It was really fun having such a large project to work on, and get paid! Thanks Kim for trusting me!

As far as clay creations go, we have been busy painting mini plants. 

Having fun with cactus too...

And another wild one...

Mike did a firing yesterday, so we will have new things to paint. I've got to get the last sign finished for Kimberly, and continue getting other works in progress done. Going to ask Jenny our closest tienda if she would display some of our artwork, and see if any of the weekend tourists are interested. It would be nice if we could sell some of this...make room for more.

In other news, we have had some great presents from our fishermen neighbors, crab for no reason.

And we gave out apples and oranges to the neighborhood boys the other day, Alfred had his son Andy working nets with him, so we gave him an orange too...and got at least a pound of shrimp!

Such a great group of people! We certainly love our life here on the beach! Another reason...

This picture is actually Alfred trying to get his nets done before dark. He commented on the picture on Facebook, that he loved this life too.

Life is good here on the coast of Ecuador, fruit truck later today, fresh bread and a walk on the beach. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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