Sunday, September 11, 2016

Changes this week

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and one of my two main stores had rearranged, I happened to have the camera, so snapped a few. This is MiniMart, run by Lilliana and her helpers Zoia (who also washes my towels) and Claudia, it is located on the street with the bank, and Edison's (my shrimp guy).

This is the store where I buy my ground beef, chicken, bacon and milk, among other things. They buy whole chickens in Charapoto and then quarter them, repackage and everything is always clean and sanitary. I buy chicken breast (pechuga) for $2.50 and usually feeds us twice. The ground beef is so lean I usually cook bacon first (which is also quite lean) to plump up the flavor, and who doesn't like bacon burgers? $3 a pound.

Lilliana also buys a lot from the Friday fruit truck, which is great for when I forget (like this week).

I order dog food in bigger bags from her, and they've started a little hardware section. Paint brushes and light bulbs so far... It really is a great little store, I'm always greeted with a warm, genuine smile, and we can communicate pretty well.

Across the street from MiniMart is where Edison and family slept for a while, but they've started building!

So, the bamboo building behind the fence was recently built where a house fell from the earthquake. The bamboo house was made using material from the lot next door, where the cinder block building is going up,now. Not sure if this is private, or government, I'll have to ask Edison. Hopefully government, and that means building is starting.

And closer to us, where Eduardo and I sat and painted...

Oh shoot! The ramada is coming down! Apparently someone's brother who lives in Spain owns this lot, and is having a house built, oh well, we need houses too, because...

The one Eduardo moved into after his was demolished, is slated to come down too! So he had to move again, and is now in a building with no electricity! He does get an ocean view from the new place, but not near as many people walking by to say hello to. I bought him a newspaper the other day, and will find him a book or two.

I guess that's about it, oh one overcast morning Mike decided to do a firing of clay, so I stayed inside and finally finished painting the wall in the tv room.

Mike is working on some really cute clay things, and I'm busy painting for hire. Things are always changing, we are having Vecino do some work for us tomorrow, and we will continue to do clay and paint, so...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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