Thursday, September 1, 2016

When the power goes out...

When the power goes out we used to get frustrated, but since the earthquake and living without power for almost two weeks...a short power outage doesn't bother us. Monday night as we were watching tv before bed the power went out, then right back on, just out enough to have to reset the computer, and clocks (if we had any, haha). It did that three times, and we said, enough, and went to bed, some time in the night, I think before midnight the power went out again, and stayed off until the afternoon. 

Because the power being out doesn't affect cooking, I was able to make coffee and low tide is in the morning this week, so we took our second cup for a walk, when we got home and the power was still out, we just started puttering outside. The sun had come out while we walked, and the day was beautiful! Mike started in on clay, and I moved furniture around.

Beautiful blue skies

I added some more fabric to the fence, so the pups can't see every dog who walks by.

Made a new side table

Organized some driftwood boards

Organized some driftwood sticks

Played with some varnish, love it on these shells. Also varnished some of Mike's clay pieces, and got others ready for necklaces

We both puttered outside til after lunch, and all of a sudden I realized the porch light was on, it was 2:30 or so, and we accomplished so much! Oh, and my freezer got defrosted! Haha, bonus! (Which meant I had to mop the floor too, oh well nobody died from a clean floor!)

As heart breaking as the earthquake was, it really taught us a lot, we are much MUCH more flexible! And often don't "break" because we know how to bend...

We actually just came off three days without our water pump working, so this hiccup wasn't a big deal, but today the water pump is working, we have power, our cistern is filling with city water, my veggie gal just came by and I bought tomatoes and potatoes from my fence and life is good. We both have things we can do in front of the tv, and just may have a lazy day watching movies. So, as always, stay tuned...because the adventure continues!

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