Monday, September 5, 2016

Beach CRAFT featuring BlackHAND Clayworks

Mike and I have really hit our groove, we paint or sculpt almost everyday and on other days we are scavenging wood or thinking of what to make next. What started out as decoration for us, is now morphing into gifts for the kids and locals and things to sell to the tourists and gringos. As we continue to talk to more locals about our handiwork, we find others who have artistic talent, and it's just a matter of time before San Jacinto is on the map as an artists beach town.

Clay fish that started out as fun things for the neighborhood boys to play with, with their boats and nets...have become...

This one still needs bubbles

The fish have also become jewelry...

Ocean themed pendants, some are awaiting fish.

More pendants, these are double sided

The reverse

And the reverse. I'm also personalizing some for those kids whose name I know.

More clay beads. Cute little bead painting rack Mike made for me, and a display stand I made

One of Mike's other specialities, la Sol

As of yesterday, he has started painting the clay as well, it started with the Day of the Dead inspiration of this piece I was doing.

He painted the moon so well, i may need to spruce up the starry sky...

So as you can see, we are really having fun! I've been commissioned to do more signs for The Cottages, and we are planning the upcoming Art Fair with CasaMar. Everybody is liking the mixed media art, so we will certainly keep it up, So...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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