Saturday, September 17, 2016

Five months

Yesterday was five months since our huge earthquake, and things are still coming down. From my walks thru the neighborhood, I'm seeing a lot of very old buildings coming down, not sure if the materials are being scavanged to use elsewhere, or if since every dwelling is being inspected, these obviously didn't pass...

Still so much good wood, I'll have to go scavenge some for me.

I would have loved to have seen this house in its its original glory, look at that staircase! I may have to go back and poke around inside before it comes all the way down.

And at Bravo family's house, after the partial third and second floor was taken down, family members still needed somewhere to sleep...

The past few Fridays there have been people lined up at the Funeral home, I asked Nexar what they were waiting for, and he said earthquake help. So it is the meeting place for townspeople to talk with the governing officials. This week they did it without much roof...

But, our Ecuadorean friends still have the best attitude. We have learned so much from them living here the past couple years, and everyday we know we made the right decision. We never quite know what the day will hold, but we almost always go to bed with smiles on our faces, life is good for us here on the coast. 

Fishermen working nets out front, and someone just showed up with music, so maybe we will end up having a fishermen party today, it is stay tuned, The adventure continues!

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