Sunday, October 9, 2016

Something new

This week we started something new...instead of me going to get bread in the morning, and bringing it back...WE took our coffee and went to Nexars. He has tables and chairs where we got to sit and watch our town come to life.

Muy Rico!!! We really believe his bread is the best we have ever eaten, just a hint of salt on the crust, and warm soft fluffy inside...oh my!

Almost like croissants, they are so yummy, but I know they aren't made with all that butter!

The little cupcakes are good, they stay moist for several days. The rolled up cake has dulce or flavored marmalade in the layers, just enough, never too sweet, and the donuts...I'm pretty sure are baked, I've never seen a fryer inside the shop.

He said recently he arrives at 5am and as we sit with him, we watch as he rotates the trays so every new customer is getting hot bread. I have found that means harder crusted bread, when I show up late to purchase, so I try to get there around 8 am. 

As we sit and watch our town, we get to say Good morning to everyone who comes to buy bread, walk past to the other stores, drive down the street, a very nice way to spend a couple hours. Joffre is across the street, and we saw him loafing the other morning. Mike couldn't resist taking his picture...

Neighbors Fernando Father Fishermen and his neito Zadkiel, son of Fernando Romero and Melissa showed up to buy bread for those working nets.

Such a cutie, he used to be sooooo shy, but now he knows us. Looks for us, when he is in front of our house, and if he sees me walk by his grandmothers house he yells, "hola Amiga".

Another new thing this week, Mike has a new fan, possibly an apprentice. Meet Luis, he showed up in the vacant lot the other afternoon, and just watched Mike sculpt over the fence. Mike tried to engage him, but apparently Luis is a boy of few words.

The next day he showed up again, and Mike asked him to come in. I personalized a ocean themed necklace and he promptly hung it around his neck. I'm sure if he shows up again, he will start to open up and be less shy, so more to come...

We moved Mike's table away from the fence, where small arms could reach over. Little by little we are getting the outside studio space set up. (His new apron, I painted for him.) Talking with Nexar, he asked us if we wanted to have a tent in front of his shop during the Art Event, heck yes!! I was going to ask Jenny if we could be in the small vacant lot next door to her tienda but Nexars is great!

So, with that, I must get busy. I'm concentrating on shell and driftwood things this week, want to have a good variety of things for sale. Mike has been busy with clay, and painting and coming up with new things to try. He is so talented! So...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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