Saturday, December 17, 2016


It seems it has been a very long time since I posted, it has...sorry Things have been crazy roller coaster, lets see...where to begin.

The power went out, they were doing maintenance and it was out for much of the day two days in a row, well when the town's power came back, ours did not. We tried to call Rico the electrician, but he told us he had a hurt foot, and to have Joffre call someone else. So we asked Joffre, and he didnt find anyone. So we went without power for two more days. This meant poor Vecino was without power too. By this time it was the first, and we started moving into the new apartment, but the new landlord Rodolfo was making more and more repairs. This meant it wasnt quite ready to live in, no shower, no mattress, and we still needed the kitchen from upstairs, so we would move things and hang in town until bedtime, and go back to the beach house to sleep.

We finally got a mattress, and used the outdoor shower, we got the stovetop and a fridge. The landlord now wanted a deposit, saying he had made all these repairs...ones we didnt ask for! But the place is beautiful, and all the repairs will get done, eventually. We pay $100 for the apartment and $30 for water, power, internet and Directv (spanish only). We signed a year lease, our life in El Centro has begun. Perry and the chihuahuas like the new place, and we already are enjoying our new neighbors.

Another reason for my delay in posting is my ipad died. It had been ill for some time, but as with anything you've had a long time, its sad when its gone. It took several days for Mike to get the blogger app on his ipad, and then several more days for me to formulate sentences. Moving is hard. Our brains were toast. We had a helper, Javier, he was recommended by Nexar. Very helpful, and was easy for Mike to talk to, he took down our roof structure, and fence. Rebuilt the shade, Helped build a new fence here, and repurposed old fence boards into flower beds. For $20 a day, he would do whatever we asked, strong too! I wish we had pictures of him carrying furniture on his back!

We finally got all the stuff from the other house, and have cleaned it inside and out. It is certainly a different place without the shade, fence and all our decorations. We enjoyed living there for the two years we did, i already miss the ocean, but as Mike said last night, we can still see it from our "front door". One more quick thing, our new street dog...the one who it turns out is house trained! Well, hes afraid of the dark, so after many nights of being awoken by his crying, last night we left on a nightlight, haha and he slept thru the night. Too funny!

More to come, the place is still a wreck. We are going to buy plants this morning in Sosote, and then this afternoon is the childrens nativity celebration, guess where...right out front! So, stay tuned...the adventure continues.

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