Thursday, December 29, 2016

Big God

To be quite honost Mike and I have had some rough patches this year, someone recently came into our lives and helped us realize what was missing. God. We have not had a church home for many years, the 2 1/2 years we have been in Ecuador are no different, so it stands to reason we have been without any  "spiritual guidance". Our church/religion/faith has changed a LOT since our early married days, and now our "church" is Ecuador, and our "faith" is being restored in people by their Love. (religion, we learned is a dirty word)

Something we decided we could do to help our neighbors, was to pray over their neighborhoods. We like to walk anyway, why not silently pray as we walk, letting God dictate the words and blessings over the houses as we go. Yesterday was our first "prayer walk".  

(Praying over our "old" neighborhood)

It started out with wanting to see the Romero's new Miduvi house, we took Pan de Pasqua (think fruit cake, but better) a clay nativity figure Mike and I made, and a sign for the new house. My new saying, "que dios te bendiga" May God bless you. We took extra pan de pasqua, and gave them as we felt "led". I promise I wont get "preachy", may never mention God again, just needing to tell the whole story.

( 2bed, bath, kitchen, living room. Have to ask if plumbing is extra.)

Another idea we have is to help beautify our city. We will ask other gringos to donate to the cause...and buy paint. With so many new houses going up, they kinda make the old ones, well...look old. But a gallon of paint, even at $6 is still a very frivolous expense, so after the new year, I'll put it put there and see if we cant get the town painted and pretty by Carnivale. Because February is ...right around the corner! Urgh! Where do the days go??? 

(Wonder if the tent will become "guest quarters")

I know many of the children will help, heck I can ask the girls who I have coming for English class this morning. This is their second lesson, and since adults saw it on Facebook, I have several who want lessons after new years too. So...stay tuned, the adventure continues.

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  1. Looking forward to next years blog updates with your new setting, new pet, new art and the rebuilding. God bless you two! FC